Honest Trailers | The New Mutants

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Honest Trailers | The New Mutants
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Danielle Radford, & Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert & Joe Starr
Edited by: Randy Whitlock
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Director of Video Production: Max Dionne
Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
Executive Producer: Roth Cornet
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Robert Shaw
Robert Shaw Hace 21 un hora
It was better than X-Men 3, Origins, Dark Phoenix and Apocalypse. That's not to say it's good, just better than them.
Mac 'N Cheese
Mac 'N Cheese Hace 2 días
this movie was honestly dogshit. I liked ilyana's sword thingie tho ngl
Chaos Master
Chaos Master Hace 12 días
I didn't know this film was released until I saw this video
Candace Parker
Candace Parker Hace 15 días
I knew this was going to suck. It is over the FOX X-Men universe is over. Amen.
NeoConnor1 Hace 17 días
Did you say apocalypse is worse than origins? No way EVER is apocalypse worse than origins. Dark phoenix, maybe.
Reef The Weird Boy
Reef The Weird Boy Hace 21 un día
Huh? the movie is out?
Mia Potvin
Mia Potvin Hace 23 días
Damn, reading the comments I’m realizing I might be the only one who actually really liked this movie
MichaelJ Hace 25 días
Ive never seen a main character soooooo boring that the supporting characters are even more interesting than her. No offense to the actress. The only great thing about this was Anya.
Gork Skoal
Gork Skoal Hace 25 días
I kind of like Apocolypse.
Neo Hace 25 días
I've seen few epic roasts in here but this one was deep core disintegration.
Dusan Maiden
Dusan Maiden Hace 27 días
I guarantee the movie would be 10000x better if they just didn't have these really unfitting accents
pagnakaze Hace 29 días
Better than JL re-release
Joshua Hughes
Joshua Hughes Hace un mes
Mario Puyat
Mario Puyat Hace un mes
This was both a great and bad honest trailer, but I’m not denying it was funny.
Dellzz Hace un mes
tankgirl was way better than batman forever
Alligator Maniac
Alligator Maniac Hace un mes
It’s a little strange how this movie shows an LGBTQ relationship...by having a girl kiss a female dog.... PROGRESS
london mockett
london mockett Hace un mes
I had no idea the movie actually came out
chad godsey
chad godsey Hace un mes
I liked the movie, but didn't like the fake accents...☆☆☆☆
just me
just me Hace un mes
I completely forgot all about this movie until today. I watched part of it and fell asleep.
Omar Starfallah
Omar Starfallah Hace un mes
honest trailers your mom !! PLS
Omar Starfallah
Omar Starfallah Hace un mes
your mom
martien post
martien post Hace un mes
If you thought it could not get worse than Dark Phoenix, think again. What a total trainwreck of a"movie"
Clark42EoC Hace un mes
Worst idea ever...
UnwantedStudios3 Hace un mes
you guys never read New Mutants did you
Vetal Hace un mes
I don't care, I liked this movie a lot. Maybe because my expectations were extremely low
Eu chiii
Eu chiii Hace un mes
Honestly, the xmen timeline is so confusing and this again, AGGHHH ,why bother
Rüisu Hace un mes
wait the movie is out?
Peter D
Peter D Hace un mes
Don't you..forget about me
Steven Kasten
Steven Kasten Hace un mes
I actually really enjoyed this movie. Not a great horror movie but still more enjoyable then the last two x men movies. I think if they went with a rated R it would be so much better
That.one.kid. Hace un mes
Video was 😄🤯🎉 movies was 😐😑😤😒
Robotic Gentlemen
Robotic Gentlemen Hace un mes
I have a huge problem with the rankings at 0:36
Commander Captain
Commander Captain Hace un mes
Random Nation
Random Nation Hace un mes
the dog jokes were the only thing that had me crackling
Joshua Richardson
Joshua Richardson Hace un mes
I liked the bear... I kinda wanted the bear to win the fight...
David Hace 2 meses
It is almost like if a movie gets woke ut suffers some sort of financial consequences
Rodrigo Moura
Rodrigo Moura Hace 2 meses
Please do Sense8 now!!! Please, please, please!!!
Haze Sine
Haze Sine Hace 2 meses
😂😂😂😂😂 trueeee
horse stomper
horse stomper Hace 2 meses
Wait so you can make fun of a country and Russian accent but not call someone Pocohontas? You know both can be considered discrimination right?
Quaan Adams
Quaan Adams Hace 2 meses
I can’t believe I killed my grandma to see this movie!!!! Hilarious
dengeliii Hace 2 meses
1:14 That headline is a lie (Wandavision episode 5)
SlayerNinaFriki Hace 2 meses
I'm weird because I kinda enjoyed the movie? XD
makingthematrix Hace 2 meses
Meh. It wasn't that bad. For a movie that was rewritten a few times - just read the Wikipedia article, it's a crazy ride - and with this low budget, it turned out pretty decent.
Vaibhav Joshi
Vaibhav Joshi Hace 2 meses
Do honest trailer of Netflix Daredevil
Ruben Garcia
Ruben Garcia Hace 2 meses
Is this worse than Fant4stic?
Freedom Anderson
Freedom Anderson Hace 2 meses
Personally, I would say it’s better.
Jordi Vanderwaal
Jordi Vanderwaal Hace 2 meses
Omg they were watching Buffy? Well, that's one reason to watch the movie. xD
BNuts Hace 2 meses
Sounds like a sad first any-screen outing for Ilyiana Rasputin (Magik). What would Big Bro Colossus say?
Marco da Costa Rocha
Marco da Costa Rocha Hace 2 meses
The demon bear is actually from the comics. It's not my favourite New Mutants comic. And thanks for calling Sunspot Latino but not Hispanic.
Fun Productions Inc
Fun Productions Inc Hace 2 meses
Wait the movie came out ?
Amara Winchester
Amara Winchester Hace 2 meses
I really hope I will never see these characters again except for Magik/Iliyana
Amara Winchester
Amara Winchester Hace 2 meses
“thanx to the Rona” I’m like “who?” 😂
Commander Captain
Commander Captain Hace un mes
Jack Rona, ME!
LiamborninDC Hace 2 meses
Judge Dredd is better than Tank Girl, come on now. It is also arguable that Darkman II: The Return of Durant is better than The New Mutants.
Commander Captain
Commander Captain Hace un mes
I knew you'd say that.
Chris Chan
Chris Chan Hace 2 meses
I never even heard if this movie till seeing this trailer lol
Dan Basford
Dan Basford Hace 2 meses
They just couldn't resist putting a Light Saber in this, could they? I know it's really a Light Saber, but come on.
MzNaeture π
MzNaeture π Hace 2 meses
Personality of a COAL LUMP 😂😂😂 daaaam
Tom Hayes
Tom Hayes Hace 2 meses
"I kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her hairy dog lip." Send help, I'm dying.
willroyful Hace 2 meses
I think i have a radar about bad stuff. Last time it failed with the last jedi movie... But lots of marvel and disney/Fox stuff i didnt watch... and everytime i see the big backlash disney gets everytime... and im not suprised WHY ARE THEY DOING SO BADLY
Dark Side Poet
Dark Side Poet Hace 2 meses
Well, sure, anything looks bad when there's an Honest Trailer for it. People have to realise that just because you wait for something doesn't mean it's going to be amazing. I liked it.
Patrick Hem
Patrick Hem Hace 2 meses
So this movie is like all the teen drama, horror/slasher, comedy, superhero movie mix up together...
cj jernigan
cj jernigan Hace 2 meses
movie... suuuuucked
spooder S
spooder S Hace 2 meses
Hello, this is dog. Hahahahah
Oz Hace 2 meses
0:39 Savage.
Michael Orourke
Michael Orourke Hace 2 meses
Shag you! I loved Wolverine Origins. The same way hardcore DC fans love Batman V Superman.
Juderka Moreta
Juderka Moreta Hace 2 meses
Hahahahaha now I am good I don’t have to watch the movie!
palakthedemon666 Hace 2 meses
I dont get why most marvel fans are hating on birds of pray when this abomination exists. I get ist BoP wasnt exactly a great movie but it was atleast fun to watch. I had really high hopes for this movie. But they ruined it.
Old School
Old School Hace 2 meses
They need to watch legion first to learn how to do horror
Ckbruinfan Hace 2 meses
i didnt hate this movie. It wasnt great but i'd rather watch this than Wolverine origins
Czar Dasoro
Czar Dasoro Hace 2 meses
Way to kill an entire legacy Kevin
Mahashis Bose
Mahashis Bose Hace 2 meses
Do "Attack on Titan!"
mclive25 Hace 2 meses
Pretty sure X-men Dark Phoenix was better than this film. But I would know cause I didn’t see either of them.
NazKool _Productions
NazKool _Productions Hace 2 meses
the level of bad movies coming and already made should keep you guys busy ... busy ... funny
El Schaefer
El Schaefer Hace 2 meses
Everyone says this movie felt like a pilot episode, but with all the plot stuff and hyper-abbreviated arcs crammed in it felt more like someone tried to edit down a whole season of television
Taman Srood
Taman Srood Hace 2 meses
Hey hey did u just Diss buffy,
i-brahee-m the-ace
i-brahee-m the-ace Hace 2 meses
do merlin BBC please.
Dvir Bdolach
Dvir Bdolach Hace 2 meses
Please make a video on Thunderbirds 2004🙏🙏
Richid Hace 2 meses
Ryan Reynolds will do a faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar better Job with the X-MEN.
yashvant kumar gupta
yashvant kumar gupta Hace 2 meses
Not enough
Johnta Gatson
Johnta Gatson Hace 2 meses
"Da Bears!" LOL!
Johnta Gatson
Johnta Gatson Hace 2 meses
"Gives good dome" LOL!
False God
False God Hace 2 meses
Glad I stopped watching the x men movies this looks awful 😬
lee jay
lee jay Hace 2 meses
I actually like this movie.
Mo Khalid
Mo Khalid Hace 2 meses
Slendean 2.
Ninou Nino
Ninou Nino Hace 2 meses
The casting was wayyyyy off
Shaky Rob
Shaky Rob Hace 3 meses
Lmao had just seen this on the shelf at walmart for the first time and this videos a month old.
Z24hourgamer Hace 3 meses
Did they spend all their money (and good ideas) on the first two times they made the movie?
Jamal Tucker
Jamal Tucker Hace 3 meses
I felt so weird after seeing that 20th Century (Not FOX) Studios logo
Bloody Brilliant !
Bloody Brilliant ! Hace 3 meses
X-Men " The Breakfast Club "
Katie Fullerton
Katie Fullerton Hace 3 meses
West Plano theater.... wow my hometown's in a Screen Junkies vid!
Sean Brigade
Sean Brigade Hace 3 meses
I like this movie for nothing else but Magik.
Andreas Andersson
Andreas Andersson Hace 3 meses
If they let the Marvel people handle X-Men, it might be good.
Kenny Johnson
Kenny Johnson Hace 3 meses
It wasn't so bad. If you make peace with the scope of the movie, that It's *not trying to be and "X men" movie, but a just a movie about mutants that takes place in the same universe, then it's not so bad and it actually does plenty of things right.
The D.A.N show
The D.A.N show Hace 3 meses
I didn’t watch the movie and probably won’t
Richard Belcher
Richard Belcher Hace 3 meses
I loved how the force field was generated by the doctor but didn’t shut down when she was drugged. That movie was so boooring.
Starman Crusader
Starman Crusader Hace 3 meses
Damn. This movie had so much potential
Not Just JET
Not Just JET Hace 3 meses
The Proverb is about wolves, not bears... and no, a fed, docile wolf will never defeat a desperate starving one. sorry, try again.
Attune Hace 3 meses
"In Mother Russia, wig wears you"
Andi Griffin
Andi Griffin Hace 3 meses
I liked this movie. Lol.
Nel Darmo
Nel Darmo Hace 3 meses
Well I liked it, despite the reviews and such.. hopefully the next ones gives them more good scenes to shine. Consider the first movie a teaser lol
Jackalope Hace 3 meses
I was never disappointed in any movie more then this one. It wasn't even scary, how could this be even considered horror.
DUNDOM5 Hace 3 meses
New mutants movie i racist against indians and christians
Lilah Holly
Lilah Holly Hace 3 meses
But... I liked it. It was amazing but I had fun watching it
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