Honest Trailers | A Christmas Story

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Thank you Zack Ward for lending us your voice on this one!
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Honest Trailers | A Christmas Story
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Danielle Radford, & Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert & Joe Starr
Edited by: Randy Whitlock
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Director of Video Production: Max Dionne
Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
Executive Producer: Roth Cornet

Austin Hace 14 horas
Oh i miss ovaltine.
IvanTheTerrible Hace 14 horas
I have never watched this movie
Colin Ace
Colin Ace Hace un día
i love this movie so much
TheIncredibleMasterE Hace un mes
I always thought that kid was just Drew Carey's face on a kid's body. And then when I saw him in motion, I just thought that WAS a kid Drew Carey.
A. F.
A. F. Hace un mes
This movie sucks.
Rodrigo Moura
Rodrigo Moura Hace 2 meses
A nice gift would be the Sense8 Honest Trailer!
Uncommon Sense
Uncommon Sense Hace 2 meses
Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra
Drew Prosser
Drew Prosser Hace 2 meses
Dam forgot how liberal everything is these days
Seth Huber
Seth Huber Hace 2 meses
I freaking love this movie with all my soul
Vaibhav Joshi
Vaibhav Joshi Hace 2 meses
Do honest trailer of Netflix Daredevil
Loves Greatness
Loves Greatness Hace 2 meses
They brought back those 1930s style stocking beanies for a couple years in the 1990s.
Tommy Smooth
Tommy Smooth Hace 2 meses
I never watched this lol
Mahashis Bose
Mahashis Bose Hace 2 meses
Do "Attack on Titan!"
Tim the Enchanter
Tim the Enchanter Hace 2 meses
It troubles me that I share a planet with people who think Elf is funnier than A Christmas Story. Of course, I don't much like sharing the planet with a anyone ... so maybe it's me.
AxeSoccer Hace 3 meses
Now we need is Everything Wrong With A Christmas Story, but CinemaSins is not wanting to do it.
Super Bakon
Super Bakon Hace 3 meses
Nope, we don't like this movie. We all just have it memorized.
NataliePortmanDaisyRidleyEmmaWatsonAliciaVikanderEmiliaCl Hace 3 meses
I saw the thumbnail and thought "oh, what is this sh..., who cares". Then I saw a low number of views and thought, oh, interesting, let's see. (Yes, I hate you all, internet people.)
super channel awesome
super channel awesome Hace 3 meses
Do chicken little next
Gussell Hace 3 meses
Can Y’all do Lonesome Dove?
JediPhoenix1976 Hace 3 meses
I know we're past the Christmas season now, but I'd love to see an Honest Trailer for National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation at some point.
Timothy8 Eight
Timothy8 Eight Hace 3 meses
The Movie Guy
The Movie Guy Hace 3 meses
Home Alone: The Greatest Christmas Movie of all time!!! A Christmas Story: The Funniest Christmas Movie of all time!!!
Karl Boyer
Karl Boyer Hace 3 meses
Do Emilios repo man.☺
Tim Jeffrey
Tim Jeffrey Hace 3 meses
At 1st I didn't want to watch this one, b/c this is one of my childhood X-mas movies that I watch every year, but after watching it. I was in tears laughing. God I love these videos.
moshiach2 Hace 3 meses
1300 people got their tongue stuck on a pole.
Mishap & Me
Mishap & Me Hace 3 meses
Is it weird that I've never heard of this?
Mitch Hace 3 meses
Strangely Familiar
Strangely Familiar Hace 3 meses
Tru Keesey
Tru Keesey Hace 3 meses
I don't like the set. It looks very dingy, spite of the brightenin of the hues.
Adrian Buck
Adrian Buck Hace 3 meses
Can you do Agent Cody Banks 1 & 2 Please
Kitty Amira
Kitty Amira Hace 3 meses
Do Wonder Woman 84 plzz
Aho_ Zoe
Aho_ Zoe Hace 3 meses
Please do an Honest Trailer of Supernatural!
SKYE Hace 3 meses
Do Gilmore girls
PresidentialWinner Hace 3 meses
3:23 I've never heard of "The Knight Before Christmas" but i can tell someone came up with that name and they made a movie solely based on that.
AccordingToLorna Hace 3 meses
Ugh! Lamest movie. Thanks for your honest trailers, though. How about original Charlie's Angels? It's spooky that it passed for women's empowerment back then.
Munther Saleh
Munther Saleh Hace 3 meses
Do Wonder Woman 1984
Elijah Robinson
Elijah Robinson Hace 3 meses
What a GARBAGE ‘review’.
Jay Jackson
Jay Jackson Hace 3 meses
Am I the only one who never really cared for this movie?
Brenna Harm
Brenna Harm Hace 3 meses
Do an honest trailer for Fatman with Mel Gibson. It was weird and good, and I think you guys would have hilarious things to say about it!
Haps 4me
Haps 4me Hace 3 meses
Do "Roadhouse" Please...
FeelinErie Hace 3 meses
I have never seen this film before, heard of it a few times, but never saw it. Americans, is it worth watching? - signed, a Brit.
Mark Mac
Mark Mac Hace 3 meses
yes. its definitely worth it, i watched it 3 times today on tv. bringing my total to 200+.
Olivia Rogers
Olivia Rogers Hace 3 meses
Abso-frickin-lutely. There's just one thing you need to keep in mind going into it: Ralphie is an unreliable narrator. If you dont, then the chances are higher of you not getting what the film is about.
fishpop Hace 3 meses
Why do they call it Ovaltine? It's not oval, it's round. It should be called Roundtine!
Matthew C
Matthew C Hace 3 meses
That's gold, Jerry. Gold!
fishpop Hace 3 meses
0:11 I have never seen this movie and i don't care to. Kid wants a BB gun but everyone says he'll hurt himself. Kid gets BB gun and hurts himself. Cue everyone saying "I told you so!"
Micaela Royo
Micaela Royo Hace 3 meses
I have never seen this movie so every time I find a lamp light hooker leg ornament I question my sanity
Kristin Kaylor
Kristin Kaylor Hace 3 meses
Do Star Wars rebels
Barney Gumble
Barney Gumble Hace 3 meses
Ugh so many libtard undertones. Honest trailers used to be fun. Guess I’ll just stick to pitch meetings
BrianD0313 Hace 3 meses
TNT/TBS has made me hate this movie so much. Soon Elf will make the list if they keep over playing that movie too
Dove01s Hace 3 meses
I am strangely pleased to say that this is the most I have seen of this film in over 20 years. I basically quit cold turkey...
Artsy Fartsy
Artsy Fartsy Hace 3 meses
I actually just saw the movie for the first time a few minutes ago, only now in my 20s. Let's just say I wasn't ready for the absolute insanity that this movie would put me through. And I kinda loved it.
Victoria AlanRickmanFan27 A Baldi Fan Harrell
Victoria AlanRickmanFan27 A Baldi Fan Harrell Hace 3 meses
what makes me laugh my mom had that same lamp in real time lol XD idk what happened to it though tbh but i loved that lamp haha xD
EnderZ13 Hace 3 meses
I have actually _never_ seen this movie ^_^
PhantomSmith8000 Hace 3 meses
Scott Farkus?? The postal dude??
Mahmoud Nazer
Mahmoud Nazer Hace 3 meses
The Butterfly Effect please
Bob A Linx
Bob A Linx Hace 3 meses
1:35 LOL!
Evolu Hace 3 meses
Was really cute and on point but the end lost its funny bone trail. ☹😕
Isabel Erhart
Isabel Erhart Hace 3 meses
0:15 Who else was saying the lines with epic voice guy.
Blue Greenglue
Blue Greenglue Hace 3 meses
I hated that film. And still do.
Mirel Hace 3 meses
Do twin peaks
ejdjjx Stcfjdb
ejdjjx Stcfjdb Hace 3 meses
Steve Carras
Steve Carras Hace 3 meses
You know, I'm surprised that there are NO Dr.Suess flicks here... Please review The Lorax The Grinch, either 2000 or 2018
2ArAt Hace 3 meses
First time I ever heard about this movie. Americans...
Jarod 1999
Jarod 1999 Hace 3 meses
0:59 child abuse today and back then. Adults don’t complain about kids cursing 🤬 while you curse all the time.
Jarod 1999
Jarod 1999 Hace 3 meses
Saw it in school haven’t seen it in years, I gotta see it again.
Donald Tusk
Donald Tusk Hace 3 meses
I’m assuming this is only really popular in America since I don’t know anyone who’s seen it
Red Echo24
Red Echo24 Hace 4 meses
Do A Christmas Story 2
dylan west
dylan west Hace 4 meses
I have literally never known about this film and I've seen plenty of nostalgic Christmas films, home alone, etc even love actually, what? im not ashamed love actually was dope, uurgh! had to get it out. Where have I been? I've never seen a Christmas story . Whose with me? *insert face palm
Matilda Muller
Matilda Muller Hace 4 meses
Literally never seen it lol
dsewing02 Hace 4 meses
You should do an honest trailer on the movie “Krampus”
Brandon Brewer
Brandon Brewer Hace 4 meses
My favorite Christmas movie!!!
Frazier Willard
Frazier Willard Hace 4 meses
Not based in the 30's. Earliest it could be is 1939 with all the wizard of oz stuff.
Isah Krash
Isah Krash Hace 4 meses
Please we're waiting for Tenet movie
TPMs New England World
TPMs New England World Hace 4 meses
That's quite a hit.
Jim Garrity
Jim Garrity Hace 4 meses
Wow, you really got the guy from Battle Planet to cameo? Kewl.
Bee Whistler
Bee Whistler Hace 4 meses
Ignore whatever Netflix recommends unless it's "Klaus." That one's quality.
joakuz Hace 4 meses
Agree!! Klaus is awesome!
Kage Akuma
Kage Akuma Hace 4 meses
My favorite Christmas movie is Gremlins, what the hell does that say about me lmao
Not John Lennon
Not John Lennon Hace 4 meses
I Love Screen Junkies
Curlious Oakshield
Curlious Oakshield Hace 4 meses
The Man Who Sucks At Games
The Man Who Sucks At Games Hace 4 meses
Fun fact: I never actually watched this movie. I just watch home alone a lot
fanofmusicals Hace 4 meses
The "whine noises" montage was hilarious!
Sokks On Handz Glovez on Pheet
Sokks On Handz Glovez on Pheet Hace 4 meses
Christmas vacation next?
bruyere93 Hace 4 meses
Please make my Christmas wish come true and do Polar Express!
TheBowlFoSho Hace 4 meses
I lost it at Flagpole Licka.
Chris Hype
Chris Hype Hace 4 meses
Dude, the fact that that’s actually Zack Ward is beyond awesome.
Fat Mayo
Fat Mayo Hace 4 meses
Fun fact: About to have a nervous breakdown mom did leave the family. She moved out west to Washington, met and married George Henderson. There they raised a family, including an adopted Bigfoot named Harry. Harry and the Henderson's.
Labinzel 3712
Labinzel 3712 Hace 4 meses
You should do Supernatural now that it's ended!
Drahcir Hace 4 meses
Never heard of this film till now
Connor Brennan
Connor Brennan Hace 4 meses
0:09-0:10 Missed opportunity: could've also mentioned that Bob Clark directed the original Black Christmas starring Olivia Hussey and Margot Kidder.
Robert Sacchi
Robert Sacchi Hace 4 meses
It was set in the postwar '40s.
Hazel Motes
Hazel Motes Hace 4 meses
I saw a musical version of this film put on by an improv group. It was a lot better than the original.
Big A
Big A Hace 4 meses
honesty, I never knew this movie existed
Matthew Bell
Matthew Bell Hace 4 meses
Thanks for being honest with this one. I definitely haven’t seen this one a thousand times. Not my go to Christmas movie. Christmas Vacation!
William F. Buckley Jr
William F. Buckley Jr Hace 4 meses
A bb gun isn't a firearm, JAGOFF.
Sylvia Turner
Sylvia Turner Hace 3 meses
It's a joke, bud
Griffin Brown
Griffin Brown Hace 4 meses
Please do Christmas Vacation
Diana Germanotta
Diana Germanotta Hace 4 meses
Pls do the cws "Vampire Diaries" show
Diana Germanotta
Diana Germanotta Hace 4 meses
Pls do Romeo and Juliet 1996
Diana Germanotta
Diana Germanotta Hace 4 meses
Pls do the show "Lost"
Diana Germanotta
Diana Germanotta Hace 4 meses
Pls do "The Witches" 2020
sharker49 Hace 4 meses
FUN FACT: The narrator is also the father in Disney's Carousel of Progress
Brenna Wellner
Brenna Wellner Hace 4 meses
This is my family’s go to Christmas movie! We watch it all day Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! And watch all through the month of December. I even have a Red Ryder BB Gun!! 😂 And my mom buys the trademarked fudge!
WE WHO Hace 4 meses
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