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Honest Trailers | Cobra Kai
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Danielle Radford, and Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert & Joe Starr
Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Director of Video Production: Max Dionne
Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
Executive Producer: Roth Cornet

Screen Junkies
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Bill Hace 18 horas
Honest trailer: Chernobyl ( HBO series )
timm2003us Hace un mes
Cowboy Bebop for sure!
tdpp2006 Hace 2 meses
Steve Vai....
Dylan Dunn
Dylan Dunn Hace 2 meses
Soul Honest Trailer
Benjamin Lamptey
Benjamin Lamptey Hace 2 meses
Coach: MMA does not exist in this universe does it?! Me: No Sensei! Coach: Do you know why?! Me: No Sensei! Coach: Because it came in the 90s and would destroy the entire plot and premise of the show. Now will you allow that to hinder you from enjoying this awesome show?! Me: No Sensei!
Ultimate Whinger
Ultimate Whinger Hace un día
say "oh yeah, ya like that".
Gabriel DeVine
Gabriel DeVine Hace un día
3:37 ok that was just ruthless.
SkinnyBoyGerman Hace 2 días
That show looks sooo wack. I ain't going to watch it.
Dantashia Roku
Dantashia Roku Hace 2 días
Can you say " wamlambez, ushai lamba Lolo.
Adrio B
Adrio B Hace 3 días
8:20 "you know it's a good thing not one person in the entire valley has taken an MMA class, these kids would all be so screwed" AHAHAHAH OMG I'm dying XDXDXD I'm an MMA fighter and I like this series, but sometimes it's difficult to enjoy with how seriously they are trying to push this narrative that 3 karate classes will turn you into john wick. Karate isn't even very realistic or effective for fighting and even more training more effective styles like kick-boxing, muay thai or MMA, it still takes a couple of years to be good enough to dominate non trained fighters like they do. Miguel took on three people physically stronger than him at the same time after like two weeks of training... All my trainers told me I was a fast learner, it still took me two years to get to a point where if I had to and with a little luck I could probably take three people, if they have 0 fighting experience, still wouldn't try it though.
Yuki Jang
Yuki Jang Hace 3 días
Do orange is the new black pleaseeee
that bleeping feminist
that bleeping feminist Hace 5 días
Do an honest trailer for Dirty Dancing. PLEASE??? 🙏🙏🙏
Masternoob Junior
Masternoob Junior Hace 7 días
Troy Coombe
Troy Coombe Hace 8 días
Please do Peaky Blinders
Anya Galang
Anya Galang Hace 8 días
Say: I like talking in a deep movie voice
Firecase Gene
Firecase Gene Hace 10 días
Do Big Mouth
Carl Tomacruz
Carl Tomacruz Hace 10 días
Please say, "If you loved Mr. Miyagi so much, why didn't you marry him, Daniel-san?"
vladulienka tridsattri
vladulienka tridsattri Hace 11 días
This is real scifi. He is selling Mercedes in season 2, Lexus in season 3, but he drives audi all the time...
selena 005
selena 005 Hace 11 días
Professor Oak
Professor Oak Hace 11 días
Tim C
Tim C Hace 12 días
Ah damn, that was one funny trailer.
Msscarletchestnut166 Hace 12 días
great action scenes but to be honest hard to watch. it's one misunderstanding after another. it's like the main premise of the show and makes it very predictable.
Madhu Sudhan
Madhu Sudhan Hace 12 días
This sums up we are all on member barries
Fly house of truth
Fly house of truth Hace 14 días
They brought in everybody except for Remo Williams
Gabriel Rochau
Gabriel Rochau Hace 15 días
Literally everything you have a problem with can be blamed on the shows existence, like, That’s kind of the idea.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Hace 16 días
Reuben Wilson
Reuben Wilson Hace 17 días
shinquan Hace 17 días
Daniel and Johnny are the realistic but still Over the Top versions of Ryu and Ken.
Dalton Williams
Dalton Williams Hace 15 días
Yeah but switched. Ken actually has a family and a decent life outside if fighting. Ryu is kinda just a bum that would be lost without martial arts.
andrewthezeppo Hace 18 días
My biggest complaints about Cobra Kai are that Johnny grew up in Los Angeles and knows nothing about the city where grew up rich and popular. Any first grader in L.A. knows what Mexican food is and this fifty year old man can't pronounce carne asada? It's already unrealistic enough nthe rich kids wouldn't be in private school but they also make a point of saying they live in different neighborhoods and there are 20 high schools in the valley. And none have the parents have filed a lawsuit yet?
tcgtpl Hace 18 días
There was another video explaining how Daniel-san was actually the bully in the original Karate Kid.
Dakota Stepe
Dakota Stepe Hace 19 días
The series takes place in a universe where the UFC never happened
King Lewis
King Lewis Hace 19 días
Tldr: awesome
Michael Pleva
Michael Pleva Hace 20 días
You should do Nobody. Saul’s has enough.
Chethan Chez
Chethan Chez Hace 21 un día
The narrator and the writers r just op on humor...
Emo one 77
Emo one 77 Hace 21 un día
Please do Narnia: the lion, the witch and the wardrobe
Smith Hace 21 un día
3:22 yes, that was Kung Fu. glad somebody said it
Mary's Lamb Productions
Mary's Lamb Productions Hace 22 días
Aditya Vemavarapu
Aditya Vemavarapu Hace 22 días
Taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver Robert de Niro and Martin Scorsese
Fear of the Duck
Fear of the Duck Hace 23 días
Now we wait for the arrival of Steve Vai, so he can open his guitar dojo. And Daniel Larusso can challenge Vai into guitar duel.
Chanaka Upendra
Chanaka Upendra Hace 23 días
zack snyder Cut
lim Hace 23 días
"put on a body bag" nooooo💀💀💀💀💀
Pinkman Hace 24 días
It was impossible to finish season 3 just because the acting is so incredibly horrendous
Jônatas Hace 25 días
I'm surprised you didn't mention the fact that the characters fight Karate for no reason sometimes.
Carter Petersen
Carter Petersen Hace 26 días
The profanity beeper always makes it sound like an f-bomb.
bachdraft Hace 27 días
Please do an honest trailer for Ridley Scotts "Legend"
Burning Bush Productions
Burning Bush Productions Hace 27 días
Forget Nova. Give me Miguel in a Blue Beetle project ASAP!!!
olaoluwa akomolafe
olaoluwa akomolafe Hace 28 días
Ay yo the karate kid was amazing why the disrespect
Don James
Don James Hace 28 días
A show where Glocks don't exist but iPad's an Nintendo switch's do
Joseph Newsome
Joseph Newsome Hace 29 días
This show in a nutshell: oh boo hoo I lost a karate tournament now I'm a loser. The main problem with this show is that Johnny thinks daniel ruined his life even though he was the one who started it
gambit Hace 29 días
Yes sensei the funniest part
Film Toppings
Film Toppings Hace un mes
Lawrence Semblante
Lawrence Semblante Hace un mes
Fred The Ghost
Fred The Ghost Hace un mes
Take a shot every time Daniel says "Miyagi"
DK Meah
DK Meah Hace un mes
Isn't this the Karate Kid version of Wicked?
Doug Johnson
Doug Johnson Hace un mes
Why haven't you done "Team America World Police" yet? Easily Matt Damon's best role, deserved an Oscar.
Carl Fansler
Carl Fansler Hace un mes
I'm just glad they didn't jacket off.
Quantium Hace un mes
However long this series goes on, I wish they'd take a little more seriously. Who choreographs the fights? They're so lame. The fights should be way more serious and faster. The original fights weren't great, but they weren't in slow motion either like these are.
Quantium Hace un mes
@dog boi yee Same thing you are. Too high?
dog boi yee
dog boi yee Hace un mes
These fights are fast paced, what are you watching?
Ayesha Shaikh
Ayesha Shaikh Hace un mes
say: biibitee boboti buuu. biibitee boboti poop poo. peepeeti poopoopti pooporama
Joseph Mcfadden
Joseph Mcfadden Hace un mes
The get him a body bag reference in the video is fucking distasteful cause the actor actually died. It’s not a necessary joke and I don’t see why it was put into the video, out of respect for the dead please edit it out.
Jr Helios
Jr Helios Hace un mes
Johnny looks like Ellen
BatmanFan 76 Channel 2
BatmanFan 76 Channel 2 Hace un mes
0:53 Nostalgia returning
Tru Keesey
Tru Keesey Hace un mes
I saw only the first one. Ralph ruined it by his constant chatterin. I blame the director for that.
roel charles Padua
roel charles Padua Hace un mes
Do WandaVision 😭😭😭😭😭
Tru Keesey
Tru Keesey Hace un mes
"Kid" is a young goat. Goats represent freemasonry. "Lamb" is a young sheep. Sheep represent the Children of Jesus #1 of 2. Separate the sheep from the goats.
Shane Merrigan
Shane Merrigan Hace un mes
japudjuha Hace un mes
Out of context hilarious line from this video: “A mix of therapy that only works once you have tricked a teenager into jacking it for you, mr Miyagi would be so proud” The funniest and strangest thing this channel has ever said 🤣😂🤣
WrangWrang is me
WrangWrang is me Hace un mes
True too true
Some Guy
Some Guy Hace un mes
"I heard YOU were the real bully!"
Soulairus Hace un mes
How do we stop these kids from beating up these other kids with no martial arts background TEACH THEM KARATE TOO Eventually they gonna have a footloose type ban where no one is gonna be able to do karate in the town
greenkeeper c
greenkeeper c Hace un mes
Bc hydro ads like getting an enema...
Mayu Hiruma
Mayu Hiruma Hace un mes
Please do Trainspotting (1996)!!
VanzyPub G?
VanzyPub G? Hace un mes
Please do American Gangster. Lol I want to see if my eyes are playing tricks on me
urborg74 Hace un mes
Living in van...god I cracked up
Tim Reeves
Tim Reeves Hace un mes
I am sorry, but ripping on bad stuff is just funnier. Trying to rip on shows that they think are good just loses something.
RockabillyFame Hace un mes
Let me see willys wonderland
Evelyn VanDerbeck
Evelyn VanDerbeck Hace un mes
Please please do Buffy the Vampire Slayer
werner finck
werner finck Hace un mes
make Stargate SG1!!!!
Benjamin Baer
Benjamin Baer Hace un mes
I need a way to touch a lot of people at the same time. Maxwell lord approves this message.
Robert Womack
Robert Womack Hace un mes
Lmao @ the comment about nobody in the valley knowing mma
The_D0C70R Hace un mes
"This guy definitely has a waifu pillow" BRUH 💀
guineawuv Hace un mes
I know this is Karate and not Kung Fu, but everytime there's a huge fight scene the song Kung Fu fighting runs through my head.
drjones8711 Hace un mes
Speaking of awesome 80s stuff, do Red Dawn already!
Jakob Clausen
Jakob Clausen Hace un mes
Ah yes, the dojo where you learn to be a black belt in a week...
Jakob Clausen
Jakob Clausen Hace un mes
7:37 Well spotted Screen Junkies, don't know if it's wrong to laugh...
Arkham's Biggest Jabroni
Arkham's Biggest Jabroni Hace un mes
Hey, is that the famous poet William Zabka?
jayive34 Hace un mes
Daniel was NOT the Karate Kid.
Vandal Savage
Vandal Savage Hace un mes
*Snake metaphor*
#Gears 73 Adult Racing Team 73
#Gears 73 Adult Racing Team 73 Hace un mes
Funny trailer
Abomb Alexander 1
Abomb Alexander 1 Hace un mes
I need a Baxter
William Jensen
William Jensen Hace un mes
Unfrozen Caveman Sensei!!! I'd watch that.
Lauren Will
Lauren Will Hace un mes
You wrong for that put him in a body bag part
hejiao fdasjio
hejiao fdasjio Hace un mes
Can you do a honest trailer for van helising and or vampire daries
Benjamin von Sück
Benjamin von Sück Hace un mes
"PLEASE stop talking about the old man you were best friends with in high school." YEAH MARTY/MORTY
Ichijo Festival
Ichijo Festival Hace un mes
I feel like How I Met Your Mother deserves some credit for this. I'm fairly certain it never would've happened without Barney Stinson.
Silhuette 222
Silhuette 222 Hace un mes
Say : Omaewa Mou Shindeiru
Christopher Ekstrom
Christopher Ekstrom Hace un mes
Review: The Punisher (1989) Staring Dolph Lundgren
Cynthia Poggetto
Cynthia Poggetto Hace un mes
very white serie
Oi no professionals
Oi no professionals Hace un mes
So what?
PeculiarMademoiselle Hace un mes
Honest trailer for soul!!!
fearfulgb123 s
fearfulgb123 s Hace un mes
Dan Gummer
Dan Gummer Hace un mes
Student : "Sensei I have covid" Lawrence "I don't know what that is but get rid of it!!...."
Haura I
Haura I Hace 28 días
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire Hace un mes
THE MERCENARY 2020 NOW ON AMAZON PRIME ......................
Anuj D
Anuj D Hace un mes
Everyone QUIET!
deathpool13 uzumaki
deathpool13 uzumaki Hace un mes
So can we all agree that Daniel's wife is like the second least helpful person in the series? Firs one being his son
David 4rancibia
David 4rancibia Hace un mes
25 Things You Missed in Cobra Kai
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