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Honest Trailers | Lilo & Stitch
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Danielle Radford, Vanessa Guerrero, Logan Rees, & Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert
Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Director of Video Production: Max Dionne
Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
Executive Producer: Roth Cornet

Lucie Morse
Lucie Morse Hace un día
My childhood.
Makayla Gagnon
Makayla Gagnon Hace 3 días
I love the minons. They are so funny!hahahahaha!!!
Stoney Dixon
Stoney Dixon Hace 3 días
Make an Honest Trailer For Star Wars: The Clone Wars (TV Show) before Star Wars: The Bad Batch Releases!
Extreme28X Hace 5 días
Do jaws
Priyanshu Ranjan
Priyanshu Ranjan Hace 8 días
"Hawaiian Rollercoaster ride" Ahh! Those old days when it was all about being happy.
hjoburnett Hace 10 días
Stitch is actually the most popular GTA protagonist.
Hexalys Walker
Hexalys Walker Hace 13 días
Okay guys, I’ll take this one. Ahem. “Yes, Captain Gantu is hot.”
KlyM8 Hace 16 días
I've watch this movie countless times when I was a kid
Black-Handed_Ice_ Gwiazda
Black-Handed_Ice_ Gwiazda Hace 18 días
Verily, that "Fight Cub" segment is my most favored joke of these recent assortment of Honest Trailers. ~Ice~
Brick smith Studio
Brick smith Studio Hace 18 días
Can you do Lego Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu?
Heather Campbell
Heather Campbell Hace 19 días
Hey, David is awesome. He is supportive, he is helpful, he has a job, his life is not completely and utterly focused on one aspect, and he rolls with some really nasty punches. Fight me.
Heather Campbell
Heather Campbell Hace 19 días
To be fair, be only reason that treasure planet bombed was because Disney wanted it to. They wanted to move on to their new 3-D ideas, so be comment about buying pixar is… Ironically true.
Noah Jahnsen
Noah Jahnsen Hace 19 días
My sister used to call this show "Weedalo and Sich"
Saadman Sakib
Saadman Sakib Hace 20 días
Please do an honest trailer of "Zack Snyder's Justice League"
Jonathan LaRiviere
Jonathan LaRiviere Hace 20 días
Please will someone in the comments explain what’s wrong with his voice? Is it the other guy? The credit says it’s Jon Bailey but the voice at the end sounds SO different from the main voice. Help!
Fardin Jaman
Fardin Jaman Hace 21 un día
Zack Snyder's Justice League honest trailer
Jayson Mendes
Jayson Mendes Hace 21 un día
what are you talking about „underappreciated“ i‘m 21 and my stitch (stuffed animal) still is in my bed all the time😊
Rambles The rambler
Rambles The rambler Hace 22 días
Please do the phantom 1996
Aditya Vemavarapu
Aditya Vemavarapu Hace 22 días
Taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver Robert de Niro and Martin Scorsese
TYCOM125 Hace 23 días
I thought Nani's Honest Trailer name would be Omoi wa mou shindeiru.
iiComment13 Hace 24 días
I don't care what anybody says, this is one of the best Disney movies! It's fun and entertaining...
Jane Doe
Jane Doe Hace 25 días
EPIC MOVIE VOICEOVER GUY: really?! “Why do you care about being single on Valentine’s Day?” That’s truely offensive, suicides spike around Christmas and Valentine’s Day every year. Single people in lockdown have been hugely effected by lack of human contact. But sure, read a comment belittling fragile people, I’m sure you had a laugh during recording. Screen junkies, you should be ashamed.
Ceci Hickisch
Ceci Hickisch Hace 26 días
Pls do sleeping beauty
African Girl
African Girl Hace 27 días
lol..this movie was good
Prudence Ray
Prudence Ray Hace 27 días
Gacha_Cookies’NCream Hace 28 días
March 1st 2020: ooh 2 week break March 1st 2021: 3:36
Blake Wilson
Blake Wilson Hace 28 días
Oh my gosh, this has been one of my favorite movies since childhood that I still rewatch every once in a while....and I had no idea (until now) the fine print on that adoption form was a thank you to the production crew. How in the hack-n-sack did I miss that?! :O
RyynerWicked Hace 29 días
Just curious did any one else have a huge crush on Lani when they were younger... asking for a friend
omellete du formage
omellete du formage Hace 29 días
never skipped leg day LOL
LunaOfTheMoon Hace 29 días
Pleakly (Kevin McDonald) plays the Almighty Tallest Purple on Invader Zim
Jessie H
Jessie H Hace un mes
I can't watch this honest trailer b/c it reminds me of my ex gf of over 3 yrs. This was her fave movie, but she gave up on us and cheated on me...
Randy Schutt
Randy Schutt Hace un mes
Need that Mockingjay part 2 Honest trailer
Randy Schutt
Randy Schutt Hace un mes
Need that Mockingjay part 1 Honest trailer
Tracey Turner
Tracey Turner Hace un mes
Reading the pink paper Lilo had showing she owned Stitch is so funny. 😄😄😄 It is only recognizing the animators and others for their hard work. Lol
Funny Happy Studios
Funny Happy Studios Hace un mes
"One wakey inflatable arms tube man," *HOLY SH*
Sir Prince Taycoe
Sir Prince Taycoe Hace un mes
Shine Quashie
Shine Quashie Hace un mes
Whay does he sound so nasal???
Skinny E Media
Skinny E Media Hace un mes
LILO & STITCH and TREASURE PLANET are arguably Disney’s last ever great animated films. BROTHER BEAR and HOME ON THE RANGE not so much but I’ll take them over the recent films lately. Shame they couldn’t return to good form after that. FROZEN, WRECK-IT RALPH, and this RAYA crap can’t compare!
Jackalope Hace un mes
You know that is a good question if they thought Stitch was a dog and he was dead.. why did they put him with the other dogs that were alive?
Shad Rock
Shad Rock Hace un mes
Jesus Christ Review some good movies
VanzyPub G?
VanzyPub G? Hace un mes
Please do American Gangster
sapitos4 Hace un mes
Bland nonsense. Pixar is cartoons with new tech. Nothing changes but the tech. Lilo&Stitch steal your heart. That's it. Is the story, you moron.
RockabillyFame Hace un mes
Willy's wonderland please!!!
werner finck
werner finck Hace un mes
make Stargate SG1!!!!
Mashrafi Mahin
Mashrafi Mahin Hace un mes
Honest trailer for the vampire diaries
Insanity Leech
Insanity Leech Hace un mes
Does Lilo and stitch takes place in Brazil
Licht AmSchluusseln
Licht AmSchluusseln Hace un mes
Don't be afraid of being honest, that thing is the crossbreed of a minion and Smeagol more probably. 😆😆😆😆😆😆😂🤣
Federico Oneto
Federico Oneto Hace un mes
ZachTheOwlHouseFan Hall97
ZachTheOwlHouseFan Hall97 Hace un mes
Please say this for Hazbin Hotel fans (including myself) in your epic voice: "Inside Of Every Demon Is A Rainbow"
Rebeka Flowers
Rebeka Flowers Hace un mes
There's a stitch doll at the beginning of treasure planet.
RuinisGaming Hace un mes
My favorite Disney movie.
Albino Cadillac
Albino Cadillac Hace un mes
I'm sorry, but who thinks that Atlantis, Treasure Planet, and Brother Bear were bombs? Those movies were *fantastic*
Davis Negrete
Davis Negrete Hace un mes
Y'all should do Kung Fu Panda!
aeonax007 Hace un mes
@4:00 is the most savage and accurate statement I've ever heard this year
VelCroweBar Hace un mes
But I enjoyed Atlantis, it was such a good movie...
inr 97
inr 97 Hace un mes
No mention of Space Federation lady and that thicc dance coach in the "starring" section? Shame.
Estee 111
Estee 111 Hace un mes
They made an animated series out of this. Is then revealed there were more experiments and all of them had different powers and abilities
Linden Guenther
Linden Guenther Hace un mes
You should say, “it was Agatha all along”.
MartialMovieManC J
MartialMovieManC J Hace un mes
I just love it when he narrates kids movies in a higher-pitched tone, even if the subject matter is grim.
Dairis Sebastian
Dairis Sebastian Hace un mes
please do sound of music
LukeDude Hace un mes
Death note honest trailer pls
Zac Woller Voice Ninja
Zac Woller Voice Ninja Hace un mes
At 3:09, "But what's up with the Disney+ version, turning the dryer into a... Pizza storage shelf? Back in my day, we played in the dryer and we liked it!" WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
Amanda Anaya
Amanda Anaya Hace un mes
Still a great movie
Ric Valadez
Ric Valadez Hace un mes
Say: I am your Beloved creator and have come to hear your praises and receive your sacrifices.
Ashley Grenstone
Ashley Grenstone Hace un mes
Captain Gantu IS hot, change my mind!
Mary Kaider
Mary Kaider Hace un mes
Am I the only one who just realized the real reason why lilo feeds pudge the fish. 🤯🤯🤯
Joseph C.
Joseph C. Hace un mes
Ok but what was with that original ending!? It got the point of being animated and colored, wow
Aariz Hace un mes
dam Lilo and Stitch was made all way back at 2002
Stich was one of my favorite childhood movies
Nicolas Alexander Otto
Nicolas Alexander Otto Hace un mes
Yeah, those were the days when it was still hand drawn animation. I miss those days.
Saad Ali
Saad Ali Hace un mes
Honest trailer the hangover
AC Hace un mes
do Beyblade burst
William Herman
William Herman Hace un mes
Please do the South Park Movie!
Andrea Best
Andrea Best Hace un mes
lilo beat her...
Akai Seigo
Akai Seigo Hace un mes
Lilo and Stitch came before LOTR and Despicable Me.Technically, Stitch is a grandpa to both films.
GameKeeper28 Hace un mes
Most broken Disney family; and that's saying something.
Martínez Hace un mes
Pucha, chebaca; SHISHI¡
Mati Hill
Mati Hill Hace un mes
lol MOST relentless child protec agent???? Someone missed out on Hunt for the Wilderpeople! Please say, "I didn't choose the skuxx life, the skuxx life chose me."
lisa rositano
lisa rositano Hace un mes
I took my niece to this when it came out, and laughed harder than she did, I love this movie!
ydoomenaud Hace un mes
How did this go 4+ minutes without mentioning Lifeguard once
Marques Rodriguez
Marques Rodriguez Hace un mes
When you said Stitch's voice is like the lovechild of Gollum and a Minion
Robert Capleton
Robert Capleton Hace un mes
0:35 Ah yes, my favorite part of the movie.
Jeff Goodridge
Jeff Goodridge Hace un mes
Chris Chaboyer
Chris Chaboyer Hace un mes
I’d honestly much rather watch Brother Bear than this
Jacob Fisher
Jacob Fisher Hace un mes
Here's an idea: An Honest Trailer of The original Fast and the Furious and 2 Fast 2 Furious together!
Michael King
Michael King Hace un mes
I can't wait for a live action version of this. C'mon Disney. I want to see how horrifying Stitch will be.
flim flam
flim flam Hace un mes
this is the only time an honest trailer made me wanna watch the show again.
Tulle Rönnmyr
Tulle Rönnmyr Hace un mes
Don't forget the BS that Stitch is too dense to swim in water, but light enough to share a surfboard with a child.
Chilldi1988 Hace un mes
Please say "Eichhörnchen" with your epic voice.
Hyvarii Hace un mes
Say with your awesome voice "with great sensitivity comes great power"
mcnedelsky Hace un mes
Will Honest Trailers | X-Men: First Class ever happen?!? Who knows!
shane oh luty Dugan
shane oh luty Dugan Hace un mes
They need to make a part 3 have stitch have a kid and lilo
ARZU Hace un mes
Say " we live in a society, where a vampire becomes BATMANN!!"
Merjoice M.
Merjoice M. Hace un mes
Javier García Arevalillo
Javier García Arevalillo Hace un mes
Singesuke Nxumalo
Singesuke Nxumalo Hace un mes
Honest trailers warrior 2019 series
sly mars
sly mars Hace un mes
why is his voice on coke
White Gold
White Gold Hace un mes
Honest trailer for wrestling film fighting with my family
Justin Porter
Justin Porter Hace un mes
Please do The Boondock Saints for Patty’s day please.
SevCaswell Hace un mes
you need to do one for Conan Exiles...
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