Honest Trailers | Zack Snyder's Justice League

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Honest Trailers | Zack Snyder's Justice League
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Danielle Radford, & Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert
Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Director of Video Production: Max Dionne
Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
Executive Producer: Roth Cornet
This video is sponsored.

Screen Junkies
Screen Junkies Hace 14 días
Did you notice the joke about Wonder Woman's theme music went missing? Warner Bros copyright claimed that section so be sure to use the hashtag #ReleaseTheWonderWomanJoke until they bend to our mighty will! (Or just watch the uncut trailer on Honest Trailer Commentaries - espost.info/download/v-deo/qoOHjJ-lgLDIeYY)
Eduardo Estrada
Eduardo Estrada Hace 8 horas
@Juan Right? I was expecting to laugh, like I did with BvS honest trailer (and I loved that movie), but this trailer wasn't funny, when they attempted to put fun scenes like repeating the mother boxes you just don't laugh, because they just thrashed it... Boo Screen Junkies, BOO!
DefagoLion Hace 2 días
God. I was wondering. That and tbe slowmotion is what I hate about the movie.
TvGunslingeRvT Hace 6 días
@Sujan Rocks lol go watch "marvelous" whedon's Avengers lol
darkstar100x Hace 6 días
@MrWiggsy4 Pitch Meetings made criticisms of ZSJL. We loved that video. The thing is Pitch Meetings criticized the film, HT spread blatant misinformation and hated on a creator for doing literally nothing wrong to them.
Clator Butler
Clator Butler Hace 6 días
Just remove the music and have Epic Voice Guy sing it instead.
Abhinav Verma
Abhinav Verma Hace un hora
Me while watching this movie: "Hey you, bad guy, please speak less, you are drying out fluids in my ear.
Jacob Lopez
Jacob Lopez Hace un hora
"The Living Joke"😂
spinningninja2 Hace 2 horas
_[Ancient Lamentation Music]_
Kirtikumar Kadam
Kirtikumar Kadam Hace 4 horas
Jim Edwards
Jim Edwards Hace 4 horas
Mediocre???? Really?
D3M1 G0D
D3M1 G0D Hace 5 horas
Is This Video Rushing Or Dragging? It's Rushing.
King Pancho
King Pancho Hace 6 horas
"The living joke" lol
Seth Leoric
Seth Leoric Hace 6 horas
6:11 i just noticed.. that's a Green Lantern lol
General Knowledge
General Knowledge Hace 6 horas
People don't know that both Nolan and his Wife are executive producers of this version, maybe that is why this one is so goodddddd
Héctor Saenz
Héctor Saenz Hace 7 horas
Atlantian bloodbending. Nice.
Dranzer Jetli
Dranzer Jetli Hace 7 horas
No one complains about bad cgi of thanos but wb is fair game i see. Also come on it was way better than endgame. Infinity war was made but endgame with its time travel bs pissed on the corpse of infinity war.
Ian santos'
Ian santos' Hace 7 horas
i laughed so hard when that alien/batman sketch apeared in the movie
Fox Hound1878
Fox Hound1878 Hace 9 horas
The Steppenwolfe scenes were actually my favourite part.
José Dirks
José Dirks Hace 9 horas
Bigger stronger and uncut, lol
PnoyBlargh Hace 10 horas
I feel like them having say Motherbox a bunch of times seems like they’re saying motherfcks
Edward Brock
Edward Brock Hace 10 horas
Say Motherbox in the mirror 3 times with the lights off and door shut
Ony Sarker
Ony Sarker Hace 11 horas
So Thanos was for real? Bloody Marvel Co - ckblowers.
Spike Spiegel
Spike Spiegel Hace 11 horas
What is that thumbnail Warner Bros?
raze Hace 12 horas
That Korg joke though 😂
Christine Gibson
Christine Gibson Hace 12 horas
Rubber Ducky
Rubber Ducky Hace 13 horas
8:10 justice for dark seid
Rubber Ducky
Rubber Ducky Hace 13 horas
So superman basically destroyed a planet he's been trying to protect because he's girl died. Hah
Imran Suhaimi
Imran Suhaimi Hace 14 horas
Have been a fan for honest trailer, but this is just plain lame nitpicking.
Attack On Titan : The Final Season
Attack On Titan : The Final Season Hace 14 horas
Honest Trailers should be funny Not Toxic ... An This video was not an honest trailer but a dishonest review by a hater...
Dragon Ball Z in HINDI
Dragon Ball Z in HINDI Hace 14 horas
Justice League Snyder Cut was better Than Endgame and Avengers Age Of Ultron ... Atleast Snyder Cut doesn't have lame villain like Ultron
Tbag Specialist
Tbag Specialist Hace 15 horas
Snyder's version of SteppenCurry looks more intimidating. While the last one looked like a damn goat
Adam Schenfeld
Adam Schenfeld Hace 16 horas
5:01 Yes You can be anything you want, except a Dude later in life.
Battlecry Eden
Battlecry Eden Hace 17 horas
More the Bucks!
probotboyxxx Hace 17 horas
4:07 You’re welcome Ladies.
CyberDwarf42 Hace 18 horas
Should have had 2/3 of the trailer in slow motion.
Shramchands364 Hace 19 horas
A 4 hour MEDIOCRE movie?! Cmon, screen junkies smh
Tristan Velasco
Tristan Velasco Hace 21 un hora
Do HIMYM and Van Wilder
Sam Lewis
Sam Lewis Hace 23 horas
That is a stunning korg impression
Kaique Mesquita Correa
Kaique Mesquita Correa Hace 23 horas
Blubus Hace 23 horas
Dude, you didn't even wash your hands...
Hugo Ortiz
Hugo Ortiz Hace un día
First time i ever gave an HT a dislike lol
abhimanyu sethi
abhimanyu sethi Hace un día
Mediocre? Wtf?
Caleb Davis
Caleb Davis Hace un día
Besides the foreshadowing of snyder sequels and joker stuff I really loved the movie! It's worth watching
GeneTheMachine Hace un día
I enjoy this film version way more than most of the MCU.
David Espinosa
David Espinosa Hace un día
Yuup, you lost me on that "mediocre". Still good video.
Skippy Hace un día
12k dislikes?
DocReeg Hace un día
Martha Manhunter. Yes.
Alex Pu
Alex Pu Hace un día
71k LoL 🤣🤣
Sponge man
Sponge man Hace un día
This is basically not a honest "trailer" anymore
TheVoltKing 24
TheVoltKing 24 Hace un día
Imagine making a 9 minute hit piece of an amazing movie 💀
TabalugaDragon Hace un día
One of your worst honest trailers. And of course you completely ignored the best scene in the movie, which was cut from the 2017 version. Literally the only good joke here was "Martha Manhunter"
K Jayanth
K Jayanth Hace un día
Nice video keep it up make more related videos
Aksanti Tshimang
Aksanti Tshimang Hace un día
Grey cgi executive assistant 😂😂😂😂
Bagel Master
Bagel Master Hace un día
I’d say people think this movie is so great due to how much people hate the whedon cut.
Shubhayan Kabir
Shubhayan Kabir Hace un día
bigger, longer and uncut! yummm!
PFT Burchell
PFT Burchell Hace un día
Ok to be fair, they only win because of what the Flash does. They technically lost.
Robert Braecklein
Robert Braecklein Hace un día
Can you please say, "Stop. Drop. Shut em' down, open up shop" in remembrance of DMX?
Utzu Hace un día
Why was my version of snyder cut black and white, what is this!?!?!?
Nzy4J Hace un día
At times like this you can tell screen junkies is owned by a company that co-ownes many of the subcompanies co-owned by disney
g0blin Fractal
g0blin Fractal Hace un día
The MSheU fanboys at it again
Tores Hace 2 días
I dont get why people are so pissy about the reacharound joke. Joker is always antagonizing Batman. People are just pissy a dirty joke is in a comic movie. Like a psychopath would care to filter their language.
Chicago galaxy
Chicago galaxy Hace 2 días
koupe22 Hace 2 días
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this was hilarious
Henry M
Henry M Hace 2 días
6:55 why don’t you just pause the movie? Aren’t you watching this on HBO MAX?
Allie Hace 2 días
All jokes aside the movie was super. I want the sequels
Piotr Działak
Piotr Działak Hace 2 días
"You can be whoever you want to be"... unless you are a Palestinian, then welcome to the Zionist Gulag.
Sam Chebbs
Sam Chebbs Hace 2 días
This movie had so much of slo mo, I played it at 1.5x
Sam Chebbs
Sam Chebbs Hace 2 días
Bigger, Longer, slooooowweerr
Mulinda Hace 2 días
"Justice league" Me:Oh... "bigger, longer & uncut" Me: 👁️👄👁️
Gan Khef
Gan Khef Hace 2 días
The Debbie Downer zoom cue caught me off guard XD
DeathStrikeVirus Hace 2 días
This move was meh, but you're comparison vs the Joss cut was just lazy.
Niranjan R
Niranjan R Hace 2 días
2 hr movie: painful 4 hr movie: excruciatingly painful coz it’s double the pain Me: thank god I didn’t watch the 2 hr one
Joshua Suh
Joshua Suh Hace 2 días
do south park bigger longer and uncut
Osman Kovacevic
Osman Kovacevic Hace 2 días
Screen Junkies love Marvel and it shows, it's like watching that John Oliver drool over Democrats XD
Felix Ray
Felix Ray Hace 2 días
If you make the sequels, I will see them.
David Hace 2 días
Asking a mega corporation to continue a money-making franchise is bullying? Yeah OK m8.
David Hace 2 días
@Praveen Prabhu Please don't steal my lunch money with your comment!!
Praveen Prabhu
Praveen Prabhu Hace 2 días
But he never says how many of the MCU fans threaten death threats to actors, for some reason and this simple protesting is bullying. Yeah... Sure Honest trailers
XGame Craft plays
XGame Craft plays Hace 2 días
we are going to ignore the good parts of the movie then
Sarah Phyllis
Sarah Phyllis Hace 2 días
The Zack Snyder's Justice League movie is Magnificent
jimmy2k4o Hace 2 días
It’s always the most toxic fans that raise 500k for anti suicide prevention. And it’s our job to financially support WB even when they show us contempt.
jimmy2k4o Hace 2 días
Did this just imply that cyborg and the flash offered nothing to the movie.....did they not watch the end? Same themes? Wow you guys are salty af for calling this one wrong.
Doom Bruh
Doom Bruh Hace 3 días
Mediocre is god send seeing How it originally flopped
fausmarten Hace 3 días
Your channel is mediocre.
Marcus M
Marcus M Hace 3 días
First movie to get 3 trailers💀
Bruno Mael
Bruno Mael Hace 3 días
ScreamBloodyMetal Hace 3 días
8:45 Everyone who seen the Batman, say yeah!
tobe Hace 3 días
Dinesh Kumar
Dinesh Kumar Hace 3 días
I think screen junkies is one with established hollywood morons.
Ilove Everything
Ilove Everything Hace 3 días
Them saying : motherboxes Me hearing : madachodes
Verde the Star Warrior
Verde the Star Warrior Hace 3 días
Mother Box sounds more and more like a swear word every time it’s said
SignedWithBlood Hace 3 días
Mother box is starting to sound like 'another box."
oscarrr6 Hace 3 días
That Taika Waititi impresion was impeccable!
mtolgae Hace 3 días
Wow, 12k Snyder fanbois. "Mediocre" is a compliment considering what this film actually is. Being better than a piece of junk (original JL) does not necessarily mean it's good. Sad thing that it had so much potential with awesome source material from comic books and animated movies.
Alex Pu
Alex Pu Hace 3 días
"MEDIOCRE" is definitely a compliment, LOL,
The Last Of Stories
The Last Of Stories Hace 3 días
I made a video dedicated to the cinematography of this movie. check that out and subscribe.
musiclistener542 Hace 3 días
Lol who asks for these movies to be made?
musiclistener542 Hace 2 días
Is anyone else really bored of super hero movies. Might get a lot of flack for this but IMO the last good superhero movie was dark knight trilogy. The rest I think are so generic/predictable/money makers
Alex Pu
Alex Pu Hace 3 días
The Snyder fanboys, they are very persuasive.
Eric I
Eric I Hace 3 días
Diane Lane??? NOT MARTHA?
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Hace 3 días
I actually thought having Superman in his black suit was super cool. And would actually boost action figure sales.
redrobotmonkey Hace 3 días
2:25 If it weren't for Flash, everything would have not been a happy ending. The comment here is simply fake news.
dcoog anml
dcoog anml Hace 3 días
I wasn't expecting praise for Wisconsin's athletic program. It made me happy.
Hyungjin Samuel Lee
Hyungjin Samuel Lee Hace 3 días
Pocahontas honest trailer please 😭
William Vazquez
William Vazquez Hace 3 días
parademon kill score for ZSJL (in order of least to most): Sumperman: 0 Flash: 1 Cyborg: 5 Aquaman: 5 Wonder Woman: 8 Amazons: 25 First Age of Heroes: 90 Batman: 110
Universal Space Expeditioner
Universal Space Expeditioner Hace 3 días
Now we have 3 Justice League Honest Trailers so now we also need a 4th one the HonestTrailerCut version RELEASE IT! MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Johnny Rock
Johnny Rock Hace 3 días
Wow, I feel you are way off base on this review.
William Vazquez
William Vazquez Hace 3 días
I love your videos but a couple things... You basically called Josstice League mediocre in your video about the 2017 cut but now you bump it down to terrible to call this cut mediocre? And also which member of ZSJL killed the most parademons? Just saying...Batfleck did more than work on a Jet... But again love your videos and this one was still hilarious!
Tomás Vittino
Tomás Vittino Hace 3 días
Love you ScreenJunkie, please never leave us!
culer O'connor
culer O'connor Hace 3 días
Come on. This movie. Was better. Than any. Marvel movie. Has ever made
1 1
1 1 Hace un día
Ah yes better than iron man, spider-man 2, avengers 1,3&4, winter soldier, civil war, logan, gotg, ragnarok. Snyder cut made the incredible hulk look like a masterpiece.
MrGenexxx Hace 2 días
Ansh Banka
Ansh Banka Hace 3 días
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