Honest Trailers | The Mandalorian Season 2

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Honest Trailers | The Mandalorian Season 2
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Danielle Radford, and Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert & Joe Starr
Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Director of Video Production: Max Dionne
Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
Executive Producer: Roth Cornet

Otto Boettger
Otto Boettger Hace un día
Im sorry but that alderon joke at the end killed me
andrefcnc Hace 2 días
Despite what you may feel about Gina Carano. Rangers of the New Republic without Cara Dune doesn't feel right. They should recast her or simply drop the series all together.
Hugh Patrick
Hugh Patrick Hace 3 días
I refuse to subscribe to disney plus
Deathkill225 Gamer
Deathkill225 Gamer Hace 3 días
Love the yoda saying, really got me laughing.
Stoney Dixon
Stoney Dixon Hace 3 días
Make an Honest Trailer For Star Wars: The Clone Wars (TV Show) before Star Wars: The Bad Batch Releases!
Mario Puyat
Mario Puyat Hace 3 días
Lol 😂😂
Break Into Crypto
Break Into Crypto Hace 6 días
4:50 oh no
Not Sure
Not Sure Hace 6 días
Adventures in baby sitting, the sequel.
Nerd Enthusiast
Nerd Enthusiast Hace 8 días
I'm Norman!
I'm Norman! Hace 8 días
A Droids AND a My Buddy reference in the same trailer? You just went full 1985 my friend!!!
Thomaz Lacerda
Thomaz Lacerda Hace 9 días
No Harry Potter jokes with that Dark Saber???? That's fair...
Christopher Rainey
Christopher Rainey Hace 10 días
“No not clone wars. NO NOT REBELS” 💀
Paul K
Paul K Hace 10 días
Hahahahahaha brilliant
Ivan Ivanovic
Ivan Ivanovic Hace 11 días
Larry Yoakum III
Larry Yoakum III Hace 12 días
I about spit out my coffee when he started singing the droids theme song
David Storm
David Storm Hace 12 días
“Clapped them cheeks Yoda did. Canon that is.” 🤣🤣🤣
iTs Messiah
iTs Messiah Hace 12 días
Who dafuq like star wars I hate fuqin phew phew... Boom phew phew...
shardinhand Hace 14 días
... i wonder if mother boxes are made of bescar....
shardinhand Hace 14 días
looks like its time for gina corrano to have her revenge on disney for theyre stupidity.
Adam David's Oddities
Adam David's Oddities Hace 14 días
3:55 you just gave away your age! Only late 70's and 80's children will know that reference.
Master Endeveld
Master Endeveld Hace 14 días
not starring : you cant just call them sand people thats offensive?!?!?!?!?
Reuben Oakley
Reuben Oakley Hace 15 días
They should bring Gina Carano back
Yiming Zi
Yiming Zi Hace 15 días
Plasma Globe
Plasma Globe Hace 15 días
Lol look at all of the Twitter liberals in the comments. Guys, people can have different opinions than yours. It’s okay, you don’t have to cancel everybody who disagrees with you!
Aidan Preston
Aidan Preston Hace 16 días
"A soft baby with a heart of Darknessss" I died oml
Harry Brown
Harry Brown Hace 16 días
never knew there was such a deal with season 2
Verdensrommet Hace 18 días
Now we need a SEASON 2 of The Boys trailer
Ethen Allen
Ethen Allen Hace 18 días
Am I the only one who thinks that ship looked like the Serenity?
Haris Saqib
Haris Saqib Hace 19 días
damn i dont remember the last time i laughed at one of these. felt nice to relive that experience
Mason Ripton
Mason Ripton Hace 20 días
When will y’all do clone wars
TheMandarin Hace 19 días
Soon, I hope.
Adam Holt
Adam Holt Hace 21 un día
3:37 pssh, everybody know that the Star Wars Christmas special is the best Star Wars show on TV. Duh.
Antony Sabu
Antony Sabu Hace 21 un día
Beskar a.k.a Bitcoin
Dan Draper
Dan Draper Hace 21 un día
Whoever writes your Script, give this Girl or Boy a raise! Fantastic!
Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart Hace 22 días
Zack Snyder's Justice League please
Aditya Vemavarapu
Aditya Vemavarapu Hace 22 días
Taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver Robert de Niro and Martin Scorsese
Trey Walker
Trey Walker Hace 22 días
I call him Grogu normally lol
Krista Pētersone
Krista Pētersone Hace 23 días
I'm surprised you didn't mention that this show is just a series of the hero doing side quests.
Visier103 Hace 23 días
Honest ducktales (2017) trailer, who's with me?
LadyPleaseCalmDown Hace 23 días
soft baby with a heart of darkness
Houlden Melville
Houlden Melville Hace 23 días
Say what you want about season 2 but it at least gave us one of the best animation too live-action characters to come out of the last decade "looking great Ahsoka!
Lulu Zecchin
Lulu Zecchin Hace 23 días
me still waiting for the clone wars tv one
Ace Ace
Ace Ace Hace 23 días
“Stuff my mouth full of cake mouse daddy”.....I’m Dead...Literally.
Anton Ivanov
Anton Ivanov Hace 24 días
"Agents of the New Republicans" Ouch and HAH
BANG! BANG! KILL! KILL! TV Hace 25 días
George Lucas has acknowledged the heavy influence of the Japanese cinema classic The Hidden Fortress on Star Wars, particularly in the technique of telling the story from the perspective of the film's lowliest characters, C-3PO and R2-D2. Lucas's original plot outline for Star Wars also had a strong resemblance to the plot of The Hidden Fortress, which would be reused for The Phantom Menace.
Danny Hace 25 días
Bye bye Gina 👋👋. It was fun while it lasted 😉😎👍
Anakin Skyguy
Anakin Skyguy Hace 26 días
Luke more popular than me? This is outrageous...
Ariel fangirl Mendez
Ariel fangirl Mendez Hace 27 días
6:01 bucky
Michael Paul
Michael Paul Hace 27 días
No one mentions that the marshal in that episode played a U.S. Marshal on Justified
Jean Vieira
Jean Vieira Hace 27 días
Killed me Moff Diver
Deme Gungao
Deme Gungao Hace 28 días
This tiny meme generator
Kris Allen
Kris Allen Hace 28 días
Clap them cheeks Yoda did!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mike Martin II
Mike Martin II Hace 28 días
The Masked Slinger... thats hilarious
Ani Skybright
Ani Skybright Hace un mes
Please say: Anakin is the Chosen One, Rey is the chancellor's-clone's Son.
Ruby Cruz
Ruby Cruz Hace un mes
The powerful condition fundamentally seal because dredger joly touch an a bustling record. alluring, weak cook
noitall man
noitall man Hace un mes
she lost everyone, and her job
Trev Logie
Trev Logie Hace un mes
Spot on!
Punyam Singh
Punyam Singh Hace un mes
make wandavision honest trailer
Salomón Cabrera
Salomón Cabrera Hace un mes
Hahaha I did have a 98 Civic...it was exactly so!
IIISentorIII Hace un mes
So did she lose anyone? :D
ok Hace un mes
Tuomas Vahvanen
Tuomas Vahvanen Hace un mes
I think I am too old and dark side for the ''most popular characters from clone wars'' (to care about them).
Lauren Redding
Lauren Redding Hace un mes
"tiny meme generator on their shared love of murder" psssssssssssssssssss
Mohammad Ayaan
Mohammad Ayaan Hace un mes
Can you do one for Vikings?
Gediminas Morkys
Gediminas Morkys Hace un mes
Hehe Mando and Yoda bonding together over the shared love of murder :) Good one :)
Karlos TJ
Karlos TJ Hace un mes
This deal's getting worse all the time.
Jackson Todd
Jackson Todd Hace un mes
My buddy and meeeee 🎶
jonbedointhings Hace un mes
say: "f**k you Howie Mandel"
VanzyPub G?
VanzyPub G? Hace un mes
Please do American Gangster
Andrew Workman
Andrew Workman Hace un mes
WandaVision next
Ben Burkhardt
Ben Burkhardt Hace un mes
he asked her if she lost anyone from the complete destruction of her home planet - really that is a pretty terrible thing to ask
RockabillyFame Hace un mes
I will single handedly get enough comments for you to do willy's wonderland
werner finck
werner finck Hace un mes
make Stargate SG1!!!!
Arjun Srivastava
Arjun Srivastava Hace un mes
A remember a time when an honest trailer used to be good!!
Sarah Prunier Law
Sarah Prunier Law Hace un mes
Shout out to all the other Nerdfighters who recognized Hank's pheasant pucker song!
Gardiuan po Afton
Gardiuan po Afton Hace un mes
Nooooooooooo my collectible
Dray Dickey
Dray Dickey Hace un mes
What about jeans guy?!
jacob kobald
jacob kobald Hace un mes
Never nude I love it
YouNeverGo FullLibtard
YouNeverGo FullLibtard Hace un mes
Low key G-Unit reference = Gold
HOF Benchwarmer
HOF Benchwarmer Hace un mes
HOF Benchwarmer
HOF Benchwarmer Hace un mes
AKBees Hace un mes
all i'm getting from this is that season 2 of this show is alternate "deal or no deal" lmao 😂
Just Justin
Just Justin Hace un mes
when I first saw chapter 12 i said "what a dumb question" when trapper wolf asked if cara dune lost anyone. glad to see someone else thought the same thing
MzNaeture π
MzNaeture π Hace un mes
Prinnncesss SLAYAAAAH 😆
MzNaeture π
MzNaeture π Hace un mes
...& by new they mean REALLY OLD 😆 hellnawww
Peter Conley
Peter Conley Hace un mes
"My deepfake kills all the droids standing guard."
Alan Smithee
Alan Smithee Hace un mes
Hard to believe Ming-Na Wen is pushing 60! She is so amazingly hot.
Carlos Díaz
Carlos Díaz Hace un mes
Los pollos imperiales it’s hard to beat
omkar anand
omkar anand Hace un mes
Please say " Corpse I am your father. "
1eulbeht Hace un mes
“Clap them cheeks Yoda did”. I can’t stop laughing at that.
star wars fan
star wars fan Hace un mes
Holly cow how many times are they going to say deal!
Things `n Stuff
Things `n Stuff Hace un mes
The Cara Dunn nod didn't age well.
Matthew Watkins
Matthew Watkins Hace un mes
I never noticed it was all deals!!!
Emily Liston
Emily Liston Hace un mes
Screen Junkies! I totally got both the Baby Yoda and the Gina Carano joke! Mandalorian just won't be the same without Baby Yoda or Cara Dune!😭
Derek Placeholder
Derek Placeholder Hace un mes
Bill Burr was the only interesting actor in this series and the sad thing he was just being Bill Burr.
Cyvader Hace un mes
“The most popular character in Star Wars” Obi-Wan: *chuckles* you’re in danger
Trey Best
Trey Best Hace un mes
And now “cancel Disney +” trended for like 3 days.
J Hace un mes
This didn't age well... Lol. Season 3 should be a gem lol
Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano
Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano Hace un mes
My deepface kills all the droids standing guard is an underated line
Morgrain Hace un mes
You guys forgot the fact that a comedian played an Oscar worthy breakdown.
Springbok 235
Springbok 235 Hace un mes
Ranger of the new republicans 😂
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