Honest Trailers | Kung Fu Panda

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Honest Trailers | Kung Fu Panda
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Danielle Radford, Matt Fowler, Logan Rees & Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert
Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Director of Video Production: Max Dionne
Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
Executive Producer: Roth Cornet

Tristan Velasco
Tristan Velasco Hace 21 un hora
Do HIMYM and Van Wilder
Buddhi Dev
Buddhi Dev Hace un día
Name of characters were strange
D Jones
D Jones Hace un día
Why are you talking like an octave higher?
ladychips Hace 2 días
if you want to see a badass panda check out beastars
SasquatchTheGreat Hace 3 días
"Shool of Wok"
Hyungjin Samuel Lee
Hyungjin Samuel Lee Hace 3 días
Pocahontas honest trailer please 😭
Stoney Dixon
Stoney Dixon Hace 3 días
Make an Honest Trailer For Star Wars: The Clone Wars (TV Show) before Star Wars: The Bad Batch Releases!
Arvin Hace 4 días
This guys hasnt watched jacked Panda from Jujutsu Kaisen, then?
neon dinosaur
neon dinosaur Hace 4 días
Kung Fu Panda is one of the best animations ever made. I've watched the first movie so so so many times! I can't put in words how much I love this movies
darche8 Hace 5 días
Say :Reids mom is a gumbo
Daryn Voss
Daryn Voss Hace 6 días
Hard to believe you only just got around to doing an HT for this classic. I did actually like David Cross and Angelina Jolie's voicework in this series...
Abdelrahman Osman
Abdelrahman Osman Hace 6 días
1:22 panda from jujutsu kaisen
Jiado Hace 7 días
“I’ll have to look into that.“ This is how Voice Guy fell down the hole that led to ogling Gantu.
Masternoob Junior
Masternoob Junior Hace 7 días
Anish D
Anish D Hace 7 días
Do oscars 2021
Anya Galang
Anya Galang Hace 8 días
say: My ex-wife still misses me, but her aim is gettin better!
Libin Zhou
Libin Zhou Hace 9 días
Lucy Liu is better than June Liu
Andy Brake
Andy Brake Hace 9 días
Do Kung Fu hustle
The Better Youtuber Named Logan
The Better Youtuber Named Logan Hace 9 días
This is outrageous... it's unfair... how do you have a Kung Fu Panda Honest Trailer, and not make a "there are no accidents", "finally our battle will be legendary", or a "my time has come" joke??? Also the Tai Lung prison escape scene.
Andrey Kusanagi
Andrey Kusanagi Hace 10 días
God, that title made me want a School of Rock Honest Trailer.
L R Hace 10 días
Make oneof the minions pleaseeeee 😊😊
Udit Chetia
Udit Chetia Hace 11 días
Disappointed he didn't say monkey MONKEYY!
watercat1302 Hace 11 días
Confused about a panda with abs obviously implies this guy hasn’t seen Gouhin from Beastars yet...
Jade C
Jade C Hace 11 días
Tommy Medina
Tommy Medina Hace 12 días
The only acceptable furry stuff
Tommy Medina
Tommy Medina Hace 12 días
Boppo Jr
Boppo Jr Hace 13 días
Now all I need the pitch meeting for this
Yato Gallaxtin
Yato Gallaxtin Hace 14 días
Can you imagine a panda with abs and a V-line? Guys you should watch Jujutsu Kaisen.
Lucas Gray
Lucas Gray Hace 14 días
I care that Viper is Lucy Liu! Now that I’m an adult
shardinhand Hace 14 días
hay lucy lue is a natinal tresure and jackie chan is a tresure beyond priceless, hes a hero. just being in this movie raises it like 5 solid points. jacie chan is a beautiful marvilous person.
Majestic Xerxes
Majestic Xerxes Hace 15 días
"Can you imagine a panda with abs and a v-line?" Clearly he hasn't seen beastars
Aakash Gupta
Aakash Gupta Hace 15 días
We need Rick and Morty Honest Trailer 🔥🔥🔥
Heidi Bird Music
Heidi Bird Music Hace 15 días
Wall-E is a masterpiece that I never tire of re-watching. Kung-Fu Panda is so horribly terrible that I couldn't even get through it once. Shows again that awards mean nothing.
Ezra Finkelstein
Ezra Finkelstein Hace 16 días
We need your take on Shark Tank
Phill H.
Phill H. Hace 16 días
MID LEVEL????!!!!!
Doubt A Lot
Doubt A Lot Hace 16 días
best part of kung fu panda is JB
deadpliss Hace 16 días
Panda with abs and a V-line, I think that's Beastars territory
Philip Martin
Philip Martin Hace 17 días
Yall should do Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021) now, like a real one, not about the one that didn't exist yet
Mar Qiel Ticson
Mar Qiel Ticson Hace 17 días
Imma be honest, this is one of those rare Honest trailers that probably shouldn't exist because it doesn't really add or say anything. It's bland and the jokes aren't even funny.
A Little Antidote
A Little Antidote Hace 17 días
I love Shark Tale
Vitor Manuel
Vitor Manuel Hace 18 días
3:44 you forgot the goats
Sayuj Prashanth
Sayuj Prashanth Hace 18 días
Doom patrol honest trailer please
J Vill
J Vill Hace 19 días
School of Wok... I LOLed, that's too much
Olivia Aurellia
Olivia Aurellia Hace 19 días
Shoot, now kinda want to see a Panda with abs
Pierre Duvenage
Pierre Duvenage Hace 19 días
Please do Prison Break
picoaga Hace 19 días
Jackie chan always overworks his paycheck
flower_ girl
flower_ girl Hace 19 días
They made poo a panda so it can make more money in china
Saadman Sakib
Saadman Sakib Hace 20 días
Please do an honest trailer of "Zack Snyder's Justice League"
Pokemonsugoi Hace 20 días
1:22 why did I look this up
Mia Sayato
Mia Sayato Hace 20 días
Hollywood really is on a mission to make enough foreign movies so they never have to watch real foreign movies again.
Kavisha Danwatte
Kavisha Danwatte Hace 20 días
If u wanna see a ripped panada watch Beastars! (Anime)
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen Hace 21 un día
Panda with abs...jujutsu kaisen has got you covered lol.
Ellie Hace 21 un día
"Mid-level animated movie" thats blasphemous.
Emmanuel Arthur
Emmanuel Arthur Hace 21 un día
Do Soul please
Varun Kumar Darwai
Varun Kumar Darwai Hace 21 un día
your voice sounds like you've got a cold in this video
Caitlin Rohde
Caitlin Rohde Hace 21 un día
In fourth and fifth grade when it was raining and we couldn’t do PE, we would watch Paws of Destiny in the cafeteria. I’ve never seen my grade level so quiet and invested.
Matthew Belmonte
Matthew Belmonte Hace 21 un día
1:19 Panda with abs and a v-line? *Jujutsu Kaisen has entered the chat:*
Rambles The rambler
Rambles The rambler Hace 21 un día
Please do the phantom 1996
Rodrigo Moura
Rodrigo Moura Hace 22 días
Please, do Sense8!
ChumLan Thung
ChumLan Thung Hace 22 días
Okay who knew monke was voiced by Jackie Chan till this video.. .
Gio Mendiola
Gio Mendiola Hace 22 días
Please do Johnny Bravo next :)
cvue cvue
cvue cvue Hace 22 días
Nacho Libre!!!
Jo Mrj
Jo Mrj Hace 22 días
Wait jackie did the stunts wow classic jackie chan
Robert Stewart
Robert Stewart Hace 22 días
Zack Snyder's Justice League please.
Aditya Vemavarapu
Aditya Vemavarapu Hace 22 días
Taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver taxi driver Robert de Niro and Martin Scorsese
blacky me
blacky me Hace 22 días
send noods ,,, i mean really 😂
Jeremy Gusoff
Jeremy Gusoff Hace 22 días
you guys PLEASE do new jack city and Scarface
Hannah's Handknits
Hannah's Handknits Hace 23 días
Please do Megamind! :D
Revise Daworld
Revise Daworld Hace 23 días
Pandas with abs are hot- jujutsu kaisen
Arinjay Salgia
Arinjay Salgia Hace 23 días
Can you please do justice league snyder cut!!!
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy Hace 24 días
I remember when these were funny
12 34
12 34 Hace 24 días
You never did godfather
E A Hace 24 días
"A ninja turtle who talks like your aunt's Facebook page" Omw I think I died
rustyATV Hace 24 días
Please say:" The light was yellow, sir..."
Poorya Hace 24 días
say: I am vengeance, I am the knight, I AM BATMAN
Shayan qureshi
Shayan qureshi Hace 25 días
WALL-E honest trailer Pls
Tabularasa800 Hace 25 días
A friend of mine was Jack Black's voice double in the anime Funky and The Duck. He talks about her in the fourteenth episode of Ron Wilson's podcast slinky wings.
cody henrichs
cody henrichs Hace 25 días
Pandas kick
Anuraj Rajadhyaksha
Anuraj Rajadhyaksha Hace 25 días
Do honest trailer for Snyder Cut! Make it at least 4 hours long
Tony Veara
Tony Veara Hace 25 días
Since you mentioned it: is WALL-E a possibility??
Phil Rezanka
Phil Rezanka Hace 25 días
Think we can get an honest trailer for Freaks and Geeks?
Ashutosh kumar pandey
Ashutosh kumar pandey Hace 25 días
Do zack Snyder's cut please
Melissa Barton
Melissa Barton Hace 25 días
Say "This one is for 'Bull' from Night Court!"
Dragonsector2105 Hace 26 días
Redo the Justice League Honest Trailer by making the honest trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League.
Tamish Hossain
Tamish Hossain Hace 26 días
Tamish Hossain
Tamish Hossain Hace 26 días
Tamish Hossain
Tamish Hossain Hace 26 días
Tamish Hossain
Tamish Hossain Hace 26 días
Tamish Hossain
Tamish Hossain Hace 26 días
Tamish Hossain
Tamish Hossain Hace 26 días
Tamish Hossain
Tamish Hossain Hace 26 días
cherly natasha
cherly natasha Hace 26 días
Please do Catch Me If You Can!
Rienk Kroese
Rienk Kroese Hace 26 días
Say: "AAHAHAHAHAHAHA... you're serious?"
Rienk Kroese
Rienk Kroese Hace 26 días
...to dumb for soul? -.-
African Girl
African Girl Hace 27 días
Steam Rabbit
Steam Rabbit Hace 27 días
[Seth Rogan Laugh]
The Epic Movies
The Epic Movies Hace 27 días
do idiocracy
lupuwei Hace 27 días
Wait... did you guys actually not really like Kung Fu Panda OR Megamind?? Wow...
inr 97
inr 97 Hace 27 días
"Solid mid-level animated movie" Instantly disliked. This movie is GOAT! Now seriously, this movie is much deeper than the trailer dude implies. He basically skipped over an entire level of Po's characterization that is revealed later in the movie, dismissed Oogway's wisdom and didn't even say a word about Tai Lung's and Shifu's characters. Lately, a lot of their trailers for the animated movies were really shallow, dont you think?
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