Honest Trailers | Raya & The Last Dragon

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Honest Trailers | Raya & The Last Dragon
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Danielle Radford, Matt Fowler, Logan Rees & Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert
Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Director of Video Production: Max Dionne
Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
Executive Producer: Roth Cornet

Sorn Daro
Sorn Daro Hace un hora
They’re not all Southeast Asia voice actors. Lol
Alba Araluce
Alba Araluce Hace 2 horas
"A cloud but bad" lol
birds are green
birds are green Hace 6 horas
what if cloud but bad ... highlight of this vid imo
Marie Hace 8 horas
THANK YOU!! Finally some truth about the fact that Raya did NOTHING wrong from the start!!
hKPmZ786W4JG7Rgq Hace 13 horas
I would've liked the movie if Namaari got what was coming for her. Actions have consequences.
Tristan Velasco
Tristan Velasco Hace 21 un hora
Do HIMYM and Van Wilder
Sabine Mueller
Sabine Mueller Hace un día
The most Problems modern movies have there Forceing they swj agenda and ruining Movies who had Potential
Mike O
Mike O Hace un día
My Resolution
My Resolution Hace un día
I hit the floor laughing at :50 !!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣yall some fools!🤣🤣🤣😂😂
alessandro pereira
alessandro pereira Hace un día
“E-girl on a laundy day” You mean never?
Kei Century
Kei Century Hace un día
“Noi, a tiny martial artist that feels like an exchange student from the Boss Baby franchise”. I CACKLED. 🤣🤣🤣
Laei Hace un día
Sisu is literally stretched out little Pony
John Paul Tamayo
John Paul Tamayo Hace 2 días
I would go with the b word rather than benturi
bla ha
bla ha Hace 2 días
What's happening to jumanji 2
RockabillyFame Hace 2 días
Willy's wonderland! Do it! Please!
Scott James
Scott James Hace 2 días
You guys should totally do a “Disney Channel Original Movie.” There’s so much to choose from 90’s classics like Brink and Zenon to modern... marvels like Secret Society of Second Born Royals and Descendants. There’s a lot to work with lol
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Hace 2 días
Please say " It's happy, it's sad, it's good and bad"
Banksy B
Banksy B Hace 2 días
This one sounds like an actual advertisement for this movie. Its not fun y but it dos tell me a out a movie...
susana basera
susana basera Hace 2 días
"And a stretched out my little pony" Lol what on earth?😂😂😂
Robyn West
Robyn West Hace 2 días
OK. I believe it was all Raya's fault. she led the daughter of her tribe's biggest enemy to the ONE thing that they wanted, she lashed out at someone with a loaded crossbow aimed at her friend and the only thing that can save the world! Everyone could already tell sisu was getting across to her! just my opinion. feel free to ignore my bottled up argument.
Ivan challenging videos Lam
Ivan challenging videos Lam Hace 2 días
honest trailer: lesbian romance intensifies
Rayburn Neal
Rayburn Neal Hace 2 días
If you can take it, do falcon and the winter soldier
InkBoyJay Hace 2 días
oh my godddd avatar fjndsijfndsj
Dani Black
Dani Black Hace 3 días
"If I were real water, I'd be worried."
Alondro77 Hace 3 días
You missed the "Inuyasha" connection: they had to find all the pieces of the Shikon... I mean DRAGON gem! Yeah!
Surja Sekhar Sengupta
Surja Sekhar Sengupta Hace 3 días
Visuals remind me of genshin impact
Ibrahim Usman
Ibrahim Usman Hace 3 días
I never even thought about it "rayatar the last dragon" that is brilliant
Ibrahim Usman
Ibrahim Usman Hace 3 días
I never even thought about it "rayatar the last water dragon" that is brilliant
Hyungjin Samuel Lee
Hyungjin Samuel Lee Hace 3 días
Pocahontas honest trailer please 😭
David SkyFight
David SkyFight Hace 4 días
Me: This guy: binturi = b*tch
Venu Krithish
Venu Krithish Hace 4 días
Hugo The Dog
Hugo The Dog Hace 4 días
Thank god Twitter didn't find this video
Hi I'm Ain
Hi I'm Ain Hace 4 días
zhongli hair product review
zhongli hair product review Hace 4 días
No matter what you do DON'T ever trying to preview this movie on twitter EVER
Ashy Hace 4 días
E-girl on laundry day 💀
Anime But Deep
Anime But Deep Hace 4 días
Wait don’t tell me I was the only one thinking KISS KISS KISS at the end? Because some kid at the movies a few rows in front of me yelled it out and the entire audience save for the parents were chanting.
Joynel Bonet
Joynel Bonet Hace 4 días
Mulan but not Mulan basically
Nasilele Lisselo
Nasilele Lisselo Hace 4 días
Sad there were no American Dragon references
RandominityFTW Hace 4 días
It's kinda funny that the best thing you had to say about the movie was the water graphics.
darche8 Hace 5 días
Say: Reids Mom is a gumbo.
AdmiralHyperSpace001 Hace 5 días
The movie was so badly written, nothing made any sense at all. The third act was bs on steroids.
Ghost .E
Ghost .E Hace 5 días
When I first saw the trailer to this I immediately thought, "Why does this feel like a rip-off of Avatar?"
Victoria M.
Victoria M. Hace 5 días
"streched-out my little pony" is exactly what came to my mind when I first saw Sisu bruh
critterfreek82 Hace un día
Good to know I wasn't the only one.
LordKhabal Hace 5 días
I know Dreamworks gets a lot of flak for the “Dreamworks eyebrow” look and all, but Disney is leaning on the same eyelids half-closed, wry smile, “trying to look cool” facial expression a lot.
Avery the Cuban-American
Avery the Cuban-American Hace 5 días
"while the movie will teach you to never trust anyone" *Trust nobody, not even yourself*
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un Hace 5 días
"the owner, chef, and chief financial officer of the Shrimporium" one person having multiple professions? Sounds a lot like Dock/Xu/Bushi in The Painted Lady...yup this is Disney's Avatar TLA alright
Avery the Cuban-American
Avery the Cuban-American Hace 5 días
"A melting pot of Southeast Asian cultures and East Asian voice actors" like bruh, only two of the actors in the cast are actually Southeast Asian, Kelly Marie Tran and Thalia Tran (voice of Little Noi) who are both Vietnamese. If you want to accurately represent Southeast Asia, at least have an entire cast of Southeast Asian actors. East Asian and Southeast Asian are not the same thing. With that aside, the movie is still visually amazing and I like the cultural blend
Shacy's Pagelings
Shacy's Pagelings Hace 5 días
I havent watch Raya and the Last Dragon at all. So this honest trailer be enough for me. But gotta say i actually like all the visuals even if it looksnlike ATLA. I honestly Honest how the visual looks. I just like Sisu.
AutobotJedi Hace 5 días
I needed this, thank you! 😆
Welsing Jones
Welsing Jones Hace 5 días
The fudge so accurate 😂😂😂😂😂💯🔥
James Bledsoe
James Bledsoe Hace 5 días
Sounds familiar 🙄! Jus saying ideas now-a-days are far and fleeting. Cash grab capitalism amongst Covid-19/ 23 jus saying.😷🔥🥃🍺
E Cantu
E Cantu Hace 5 días
Hey doesn’t bother rayan and the last dragon is a rip-off of avatar and kora
Nikki Movie Reviews
Nikki Movie Reviews Hace 5 días
🤣🤣🤣🤣💞Another Awesome Video 🤣🔥
Olivia Krech
Olivia Krech Hace 6 días
I wish their was more of Boun honestly I loved him ❤️
RealEnli on Twitter
RealEnli on Twitter Hace 6 días
4:40 Hey, Adora!
Nick Finn
Nick Finn Hace 6 días
One of the dragons was named Appa so...
Flyingsniper13 Hace 6 días
When I first saw Raya in her first scene I immediately thought she looked like Avatar Korra.
sirien neiris
sirien neiris Hace 3 días
...hey, kinda :) But the character is Rayla from Dragon Prince (another show from creators of AtlA)
Princess Espiritu
Princess Espiritu Hace 6 días
FAILCOR. Omg, i miss the neverending story hahaha.
Gabriel Duncan
Gabriel Duncan Hace 6 días
Raya even stole Korra's haircut at the beginning of the movie.
Moonlight edits
Moonlight edits Hace 6 días
I love the game of thrones reference
James Bledsoe
James Bledsoe Hace 6 días
I know that's right just like freaking dragon Ball z Kai. Bro I was in high school when the original came out late 90s give me a break just saying. 😷🔥🥃🍺
cartmanrlsusall Hace 6 días
Wait there's no shonuff?or Bruce Leroy? Screw that
Zephyr Omenix
Zephyr Omenix Hace 6 días
lesbians. they are lesbians. there is no heterosexual explanation for the tension between Raya and Namari
Caber Jaber
Caber Jaber Hace 6 días
"Raya & the last dragon" Nobody: ESpost: *ok imma put moana here*
Asriel Hace 6 días
After 16 years Disney has finally made an atla rip off
Ajay Nair
Ajay Nair Hace 7 días
This was an amazing all female lead movie....the villain the protagonist....and dragon....weird but good
Dia B
Dia B Hace 7 días
Why dose it have moana add thingy in the left
don sau
don sau Hace 7 días
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaha rayatar 😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 hahahahah am dying
Masternoob Junior
Masternoob Junior Hace 7 días
marmar Blt
marmar Blt Hace 7 días
You can't trust anyone.
Maxamillian Steele
Maxamillian Steele Hace 7 días
Kingdomall Hace 7 días
funny thing is, I finished watching avatar the last airbender the day I also watched this. I found no connection. Now, I'm aware this is a parody, but if you're going to make jokes out of something, you should know what's going on. Here's just a few corrections to your information. 1. the dragons did not disappear, they were turned to stone and the humans know that. 2. seasu does not have great strength, her dragon relatives did, and passed them on to her. 3. Raya was only focused on getting her father back, not really to save the world. 4. Dragons did not create the world. They protected it.
Adithya Gunasekaran
Adithya Gunasekaran Hace 7 días
why didn't the father jump with her or atleast fall down. And if the monsters are scared of water why would they attack a being which is 60% water.
Bandicoot Sauce
Bandicoot Sauce Hace 7 días
I feel like I'm the only one who actually liked this movie. Oh, well. It's your loss, world.
Q Hace 7 días
Although the message was given poorly, the visuals and representation of south east asian culture is still there so you give some you lose some ig
•An•aizawa•lover•com Hace 7 días
When i first saw the trailer i honestly thought it was korra
That Guy
That Guy Hace 8 días
Raya and The Last Dragon: *Trust everybody but also nobody*
Aaron Flores
Aaron Flores Hace 8 días
I love how it said moana is on sale below this video
The Spidey Guy
The Spidey Guy Hace 8 días
imagine using avatar the last airbenders intro
Captain Literally
Captain Literally Hace 8 días
I likes Nuktuk, I mean Tuktuk
Troy Coombe
Troy Coombe Hace 8 días
Do Peaky Blinders PLEASE.
Hagrid ́s disappointing son
Hagrid ́s disappointing son Hace 8 días
Okay so it's ATLA+Mulan+Moana?
Kimmania Hace 8 días
They did them dirty with that Avatar opening, bug damn was it accurate.
fractured eyes
fractured eyes Hace 8 días
I can't with the "E-girl on laundry day".😂😂😂
Marzial Alfonzo Canada
Marzial Alfonzo Canada Hace 8 días
1:22 the whole movie's lesson in a nutshell
Chicago galaxy
Chicago galaxy Hace 8 días
Rayatar 😂😂
cvue cvue
cvue cvue Hace 8 días
Nacho Libre!!!
UGH UGH Hace 8 días
Honestly, this movie sucked in my opinion. Avatar: The Last Airbender did this whole thing a lot better back the day.
PondTurtle Hace 9 días
Lmao the life aquatic
1231231232972 Hace 9 días
where are any male main characters?
ARN Hace 9 días
Frozen 2 was definitely more similar to Avatar than this movie
majoranna Hace 9 días
The only thing Namaari and Zuko have in common is asymmetry.
SomeguyOnline Hace 9 días
Please do Over The Moon(2020).
Loudmouth Dreamwalker
Loudmouth Dreamwalker Hace 9 días
I was not expecting Avatar, and it's awesome. I believe videos like this can save the internet!
Carl Carreon
Carl Carreon Hace 9 días
Sums up what I feel about the film. It has some great visuals, but the plot is weak and dumb.
Ruben Baeza
Ruben Baeza Hace 9 días
Everybody: we need more films that explore southeast Asian culture! Its never been done! Me: watching Tony Jaa films
Max Power
Max Power Hace 9 días
At least I can trust you guys to point out that the writers of this movie don't seem to comprehend what trust is... Imagine being one of the incredibly talented animators having to work on such a badly written movie.
General VV
General VV Hace 9 días
Avatar was better LOL
YatZ Hace 9 días
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