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Honest Trailers | Every Streaming Service
Voice Narration: Jon Bailey aka Epic Voice Guy
Title Design: Robert Holtby
Written by: Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Danielle Radford, & Lon Harris
Produced by: Spencer Gilbert & Joe Starr
Edited by: Kevin Williamsen
Post-Production Supervisor: Emin Bassavand
Supervising Producer: Max Dionne
Associate Producer: Ryan O'Toole
Executive Producer: Roth Cornet

Captain Chao
Captain Chao Hace 9 horas
Zylice Liddell
Zylice Liddell Hace 3 días
What about Australia’s Stan and Binge? Binge is basically HBO go though.
Rose DF
Rose DF Hace 6 días
Ethan Wecksell
Ethan Wecksell Hace 6 días
6:20 lmao
Karen Luckie
Karen Luckie Hace 6 días
Missed all the anime ones like crunchyroll, vrv, and funimation, which are all apparently owned by the same company now.
Evenstar Electric Railway
Evenstar Electric Railway Hace 7 días
iPass is the name of the 2nd most distributed IC card service in Taiwan.
olandir Hace 8 días
Dude, don't just shout "Alexa" anything. I had to scream Alexa stop like 3 times! LOL
Leprechaun Steve
Leprechaun Steve Hace 9 días
At this point companies will just start making bundles of 4 or 5 streaming services for a certain monthly payment and we’ll circle back to basically cable.
Jennifer Leonard
Jennifer Leonard Hace 10 días
ok ill leave a dirty comment...hmmm..let's see...ok I got it! Im all over my Roku free tv
emma abban-mensah
emma abban-mensah Hace 10 días
Oh I love Screen Junkies
Bas Hace 11 días
I love this episode so damn much
Mira The strongest warrior
Mira The strongest warrior Hace 11 días
Quick question why wasn’t tubi and paramount plus on this but you put ESpost on this I like this video and I found it funny but I am just curious
Video Game Philosopher
Video Game Philosopher Hace 12 días
That Jeff Goldblum show was good!! Also, "Good for you crackle!"
Katherine Turney
Katherine Turney Hace 12 días
That's why I've accumulated a DVD and Blu library. Take that, streamers!
King-Vibez Hace 14 días
This is something GTA would make in their own commercials
Melissa Mikaelson
Melissa Mikaelson Hace 14 días
I usually just end up rewatching that same show because I don’t like any other content
Melissa Mikaelson
Melissa Mikaelson Hace 14 días
I wish I could make my own streaming service but without all the extra crap they fill it up with. It’s so exhausting to filter through 5 different services to get a sufficient amount of enjoyable content. Not to mention the price of course. Is it just me that feels like this?
Chrollo Lucilfer
Chrollo Lucilfer Hace 14 días
Funimation and crunchyroll: am I a joke to you
lakshmi kool
lakshmi kool Hace 15 días
That's exactly it!
Noah Mirlach
Noah Mirlach Hace 15 días
I'm dissappointed you didn't mention Mubi.
Taylor Allen
Taylor Allen Hace 15 días
Best one ever !
Corto Maltese
Corto Maltese Hace 16 días
I just wanna point out every year old movies and shows become copyright free and get uploaded on youtube. Every year youtibe gets a little stronger until one day they doom everyone.
Sawyer Lester
Sawyer Lester Hace 16 días
Say: “You’ll get your rent when you fix this damn door!!!”
Ax Tagran
Ax Tagran Hace 18 días
I love Disney + and is by far my favourite streaming service
Ananth Sundaram
Ananth Sundaram Hace 19 días
FORGOT abt amc
Nathaniel Castillo
Nathaniel Castillo Hace 19 días
Yup I’m only subscribed to Disney Plus for the MCU spin of shows
Micki Sparrow
Micki Sparrow Hace 19 días
The thinkable sagittarius qualitatively wrestle because quince concomitantly present among a hesitant control. brawny, numerous chin
Gaby R.
Gaby R. Hace 19 días
M L Hace 19 días
I got an Amazon Prime add before this...
thenxn619 Hace 19 días
I hate paying cable, but I really hate paying for too many streaming service. And Netflix has never had enough to watch.
Bill Gates • 47 Years Ago
Bill Gates • 47 Years Ago Hace 20 días
Wait, you guys don’t use MovieBoxPro?
MindHunger Hace 20 días
I'm sick and tired of sequels so I don't watch new sequels anymore. That's most of streaming.
Count Litmogaphil
Count Litmogaphil Hace 20 días
See warp zone's Netflix reacts to disney + after this 😂😂 those are superb
Lily Broyles
Lily Broyles Hace 21 un día
Surprised they didn’t mention Crunchyroll and Funimation... Anime Fans: Am I a joke to you?!?!
Gandalf The Dope
Gandalf The Dope Hace 21 un día
Netflix and chill, Disney plus and thrust, Hulu and Uwu
Liam Hackett
Liam Hackett Hace 21 un día
You didn't do Crunchyroll, sad times.
Zachary Shen
Zachary Shen Hace 21 un día
I literally got a real ad on peacock
BlazingLizard09 Hace 22 días
Ahh. Back when Quibi was supposed to be a thing
Not a Dhinchak Pooja
Not a Dhinchak Pooja Hace 24 días
Lol, while Indians be like "where's the Telegram bruh? It deserves special mention too."
zombie_hoto Hace 24 días
6:43 the dinosaur Called Alan is the one from Jurassic park 3
Diogo R
Diogo R Hace 24 días
RIP Quibi, or not
rares andrei
rares andrei Hace 25 días
R.I.P CBS All Aceess (2015-2021)
dcbandnerd Hace 25 días
[All these streaming services pop up] [Me, with zero money] Welp - only one thing to do now... [Dusts off tricorn hat while whistling "A Pirate's Life for Me"]
Audrey Strouse // Venango EAS
Audrey Strouse // Venango EAS Hace 27 días
I use Hulu, Netflix and that’s about it
Pramod Krishna
Pramod Krishna Hace 28 días
6:26 I don't recognise that too epic voice guy
Uma Gangatirkar
Uma Gangatirkar Hace 28 días
I feel like the only reason people watch peacock is for the office
Victoria Robinson
Victoria Robinson Hace 28 días
You exposed us! Now Netflix is cracking down on sharing accounts lol.
Ruben Garcia
Ruben Garcia Hace 29 días
I just stick with Netflix, HBO, and Disney+
Arjun Sinha
Arjun Sinha Hace 20 días
I heard that some streaming services are free like Peacock, Turbo, Pluto TV and Paramount+
Not a weeb
Not a weeb Hace un mes
ESPN + ''Sports without actual games'' SO FUCKING ACCURATE 😂😂😂😂
Black Doug
Black Doug Hace un mes
6:42 nice prediction.
Josh Castic Show
Josh Castic Show Hace un mes
I like cable, I like own physical dvds, and dislike streaming services. I am also 19, so don’t say I am old.
Katelijn Hovestad
Katelijn Hovestad Hace un mes
This is why I pirate
Tomas juegl
Tomas juegl Hace un mes
This is how I see streaming platforms: Disney+ : MCU stuff Hulu: Palm springs and Animaniacs Amazon Prime: Te Lo Resumo menciones it sometimes Apple: Wokfwalkers Netflix: The one I use (Community and Bojack Horseman are my favorite shows)
Couch Potato
Couch Potato Hace un mes
Paramount+: Now with ATLA
Aspry Writes
Aspry Writes Hace un mes
My rule is that when you ESpost clowns think it's funny to pull that Alexa joke, I thumb down your video.
Bob Robertson
Bob Robertson Hace un mes
You forgot Acorn Tv and Britbox,the streaming services for Americans who think that a British accent means better programs.
DelisleBA Hace un mes
Fing great, best one yet!
Ray O’Connell
Ray O’Connell Hace un mes
Did he say that clone wars has no value?
Henrey Cruz
Henrey Cruz Hace un mes
you literally turned on my mom’s alexa during the prime video trailer lol
Anastasia Cooper
Anastasia Cooper Hace un mes
honestly, these days I favour Disney+ over Netflix... but I guess it's just a matter of personal taste
Ezinne Ebele-Adinnu
Ezinne Ebele-Adinnu Hace un mes
ESpost tv
Jaydev Raol
Jaydev Raol Hace un mes
At this point there are so many streaming services that it's getting ridiculous.
Mohit sharma
Mohit sharma Hace un mes
Pirates bay still the best
Ian Miles Chungus
Ian Miles Chungus Hace un mes
You woke up my Alexa
Duco Bongaerts
Duco Bongaerts Hace un mes
Pleas say: I like your cut G
Amanda Kendall
Amanda Kendall Hace un mes
Palmtop Saber
Palmtop Saber Hace un mes
the Disney thing is scary right
laura Ijewere
laura Ijewere Hace un mes
Say avengers assemble please and thank you
John Sohn
John Sohn Hace un mes
I really love these guys lol
Ben Robson
Ben Robson Hace un mes
I have Netflix and Disney+. I thought two is enough for me. HBO Max and Peacock are only in america and I'm not getting those. I have Warner Bros films and Universal films on DVD and Blu ray already. and recently I have Birds of Prey on Blue. they might stop making DVDs, incase Blu-rays are getting better. but I don't know for sure.
Ross Campbell
Ross Campbell Hace un mes
You forgot crunchyroll and funimation, you could have done like a whole bit about how the only difference is the home colours and all the good stuff is on Netflix apart from attack on titan
ABC7 Hace un mes
Knowing Apple, it would be the most expensive streaming platform with the fewest features
ABC7 Hace un mes
4 :28 Ted Turner’s media empire.
Sway'Von Wheeler
Sway'Von Wheeler Hace un mes
If I were Cable TV I'll be nervous
The Anonymous AcclerDew
The Anonymous AcclerDew Hace un mes
Cable TV's already doomed
Uma Gangatirkar
Uma Gangatirkar Hace un mes
Can you say: “Ughhhhhhh”
Uma Gangatirkar
Uma Gangatirkar Hace un mes
At this point the only reason people Disney + is for Marvel
Vincent Noot
Vincent Noot Hace un mes
Prime is the most evil. Avoid that one.
Yuki San
Yuki San Hace un mes
wheres crunchyroll? it has 10million + downloads
When Is dinner
When Is dinner Hace un mes
You forgot games with the actual games. Xbox game pass
selor Hace un mes
Lmao lost it when hulu came
mwara2444 Hace un mes
Cough, cough, youtube TV?
AnimeGuy Hace un mes
Disney+ of course you us love this just face it up to marvel stuff only face it
Rodrigo Moura
Rodrigo Moura Hace un mes
Speaking of streaming services... DO SENSE8!!!!
Abhirup Palit
Abhirup Palit Hace un mes
Everyone gangsta untill pirate bay shows up
AriaVanAllen Hace un mes
Do you really call bad taste crap
notoyaca Hace un mes
Alan in the who's watching screen 🤣🤣🤣
M. B. Libatique
M. B. Libatique Hace un mes
The Pirate bay is a site where you can download movies for free.
Yash Vir
Yash Vir Hace un mes
Laughs in torrents
Akshay Kapur
Akshay Kapur Hace un mes
Do a Rush Hour Trilogy Honest Trailer!
Whovian Sherlocian
Whovian Sherlocian Hace un mes
Do a trailer for WandaVision
AHKIDA Moonlight
AHKIDA Moonlight Hace un mes
God i hate these times, things were so simple back than...
Please say I'll never do honest trailer for The Sweeney Todd bro haha derp
JohnathanS Hace un mes
Thanks,I rather pirate stream and download via P2P.
ChromeDestiny Hace un mes
Tubi - What if Dollar Tree's DVD section was a streaming service.
Jose. Hace 2 días
@Not a weeb Pluto tv is better
Not a weeb
Not a weeb Hace un mes
Lowkey tubi got some good content, they got some really good old movies and shows
SnoodlyBoop Hace un mes
Honestly Amazon Prime video is horrible, it's a a couple good free shows and that's about it, any movie you actually want to watch costs money even though you are already paying for a membership. The movies you actually get to watch are horrible, and most of the free series are lower than youtube quality. Netflix is the best in my opinion.
Ian Gillan
Ian Gillan Hace 2 meses
The Friends with benefits fits so perfectly
Alex Flores
Alex Flores Hace 2 meses
Remember when it was just HBO, Showtime and Starz? Simpler times.
Bucket of Axolotl
Bucket of Axolotl Hace 2 meses
Watch Infinity Train on HBO Max
Samia I
Samia I Hace 2 meses
Damn there are so many I don't even recognize
Patoren 3gou
Patoren 3gou Hace 2 meses
I only watch Netflix for the anime and that screen TV series everyone but me hates I just stick to Prime and whatever my parents are subscribe to
The Anonymous AcclerDew
The Anonymous AcclerDew Hace 2 meses
6:31: The only true winner of the Streaming Wars
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